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Artistry in motion . . . Taming of the ficus tree!

by Contributor February 16, 2016

The Ficus microcarpa, commonly called an Indian laurel fig or glossy-leaved fig is a plant so accepting of undesirable environments, including pollution and marine fog, that it is frequently used as a street tree in urban areas located within its planting zone. Though not often planted now, many mature ficus specimens are found on the streets of San Francisco.

While beautiful, these trees are failing due to improper pruning over time. Many were planted more than forty years ago at a time when there was not much communication with property owners. Further, pruning guidelines have often changed. Unfortunately, the damage has been done to many of these trees. When ficus are pruned incorrectly, they tend to grow multiple, co-dominant stems of similar size, instead of having a large main trunk with smaller branches. The co-dominant leaders tend to break apart in wind. As well, falling branches present a real danger to pedestrians and property, raising safety concerns from the community where these trees are located.

The time-lapse video showcases the pruning of three Ficus microcarpa in the Mission District of San Francisco. The pruning included crown reduction; thinning; removal of crossing and competing branches; removal of dead branches and establishing building and electrical line clearance. The work was performed by tree specialists from Arborist Now on Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

Arborist Now’s commitment goes far beyond visual appeal. We are dedicated to reducing risks and providing effective solutions that will protect and enhance the value of a client's investment.

Federal, state and local agencies and municipalities can depend on our professionalism, expertise, flexible scheduling and customized services. They can also count on us to deliver timely solutions and flexible resources and support when and where they need it.

Our commercial services range from pruning damaged limbs from street trees over sidewalks and on park grounds; removing dangerous trees from pedestrian walk ways; eliminating limbs obstructing signs and lights on city streets; providing plant health care solutions and the maintenance/restorative pruning of valuable shade trees.

If ficus are a problem in your area and for professional tree care in Marin County and surrounding areas, please call Arborist Now for a no-obligation consultation. We are here to help you keep your neighborhood beautiful and SAFE! 

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