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San Mateo Residents: Choose Arborist Now for Your Tree Pruning Needs

San Mateo Residents: Choose Arborist Now for Your Tree Pruning Needs

Tree pruning services are a necessary cost, especially during the warm months in San Mateo county. For those in the area, you may be wondering where the best location is to procure those services.

Look no further than Arborist Now for your tree pruning needs. Let’s take a look at the trees of the San Mateo area, and discuss why we are the best choice for handling their pruning.

The Trees of San Mateo

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The city of San Mateo, California has a great love and respect for their trees.

Between their free street tree planting program to their preservation of heritage trees, San Mateo needs the best of the best care for their plant life. Meaning that hiring arborists with years of experience, accreditation, and the knowledge to handle the trees as they should be is a must.

Heritage Trees

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So, what is a heritage tree and why are they so important to the San Mateo area?

A heritage tree is any Bay, Buckeye, Cedar, or Redwood with a trunk diameter of 10 inches or more. The measurement or this is taken 4 feet above ground level to determine if it qualifies or not.

On top of that, any other species of tree with a trunk diameter of 16 inches or more, also measured at 4 feet above the ground, is considered a heritage tree as well.

The San Mateo City Council adopted a Heritage Tree Ordinance in 1968 in order to preserve these great trees, as well as promoting additional tree planting in the area. These trees are considered to be living landmarks and require the best care possible to keep them thriving.

By law, a permit is required to prune or remove one of these trees. A permit can be applied for if either of these actions needs to take place. Essentially, it is against the law to cut down a heritage tree, prune away more than ¼ of its crown and/or existing foliage, or remove more than a third of its root system.

With heritage trees, you cannot be too careful. Hiring a professional tree care service is a safer way to go when it comes to caring for these massive trees.

Other San Mateo Trees

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Here are some of the other native trees to the San Mateo area:

  • Aceraceae (Maple Family)
  • Big-leaf maple
  • Box elder
  • Betulaceae (Birch Family)
  • White alder
  • Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle Family)
  • Blue elderberry
  • Ericaceae (Heath Family)
  • Pacific madrone
  • Fagaceae (Oak Family)
  • Tanbark oak
  • Coast live oak
  • Canyon live oak
  • Blue oak
  • Oregon white oak
  • California black oak
  • Valley oak
  • Interior live oak
  • Hippocastanaceae (Buckeye Family)
  • California buckeye
  • Lauraceae (Laurel Family)
  • California laurel
  • Oleaceae (Olive Family)
  • Flowering ash
  • Oregon ash
  • Pinaceae (Pine Family)
  • Knobcone pine
  • Pacific ponderosa pine
  • Gray pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Platanaceae (Sycamore Family)
  • Platanus racemosa (Western sycamore)
  • Salicaceae (Willow Family)
  • Populus fremontii
  • Populus balsamifera
  • Salix laevigata (red willow)
  • Salix lasiolepis (arroyo willow)
  • Salix lucida ssp. Lasiandra (shining willow)
  • Taxaceae (Yew Family)
  • California nutmeg
  • Taxodiaceae (Bald Cypress Family)
  • Sequoia sempervirens
These and many other species of trees make San Mateo the beautiful place it is to live and thrive. Let’s take a look at why Arborist Now is the best choice to prune your local trees.

How Arborist Now Can Help San Mateo Trees

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So, why should you choose Arborist Now for your San Mateo tree pruning needs?

For one thing, we are one of the top-rated arborists in San Francisco, see what our customers have to say about our work!

Also, Arborist Now is fully accredited, bonded, insured, and licensed. Safety is our number one priority, and we work very hard to keep our rates as competitive and fair as possible.

Our Mission

The Arborist Now mission is the be the best tree care service company in San Francisco and other surrounding areas. We do this by performing a full range of superior quality tree care services to protect each client’s environment and investment.

Our Values

We do what is right for the customers and their trees
Employee safety and the safety of the people and properties served is vitally important
We are constantly updating our education to stay up to date with the latest techniques and safety practices
Excellence in everything we do

Contact Arborist Now for Tree Pruning in San Mateo

Simply put, when you hire Arborist Now to prune your trees in San Mateo, you can count on us to be timely, offer competitive pricing, stay safe and keep you safe, and get the job done correctly.

Interested in our services? Contact Arborist Now today either on our website or call us at 1 (415) 310-7781. Let us help you keep the city of San Mateo beautiful and thriving.

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