we are environmentally aware
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Recycling is part of Arborist Now’s mission as an environmentally responsibly business. Many factors contribute to wood debris through the year. This includes debris from fallen or dying trees in gardens, orchards, parks, and urban forests. As well, countless urban trees are discarded because of damage caused by tree roots or trunks leaning into sidewalks, buildings, underground pipes or other structural elements. We choose to recycle this debris for the betterment of those interested in a recycling byproduct; such as landscapers, gardeners, carpenters, artisans, and general residence. This service eliminates these materials simply ending up in landfills.

As tree cutters in San Francisco, we gather all trees and trimming from the property and recycles the materials. We utilize our chipper is used to convert small twigs, leaves, branches or pieces of debris, into organic matter such as mulch. This mulch will contains green leafy material and other organics that are excellent in creating a healthy soil base for trees and plants. Apart from the visual value, mulch helps lock in soil moisture keeping your plants from getting too dry.

Mulch brightens and elevates the front of a home or all your outside landscaping. At Arborist Now, we estimate the proper amount of mulch that is needed in any area in your yard. Once determined, we offer bed preparation, installation and thorough cleanup.

So many options are available for recycled lumber. It can be turned into firewood, milled to create something memorable and unique and even stumps can be used to create one-of-a-kind furniture!

We take our recycling seriously and in the most responsible manner. Simply because a tree was removed, doesn’t mean it has to go to waste.

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