Residential Tree Services

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Your Choice for Residential Tree and Property Care

Most will agree a home is your biggest financial investment. Your house and property work together making your home’s first impression and set the stage for what’s inside. A well-maintained landscape will increase the curb appeal of your home as well as increase its value.

Whether you just moved in or have lived in your home for years, Arborist Now can help develop a landscape that is ideal for your property. We understand that the best landscape for your home is one that complements its style as well as reflects your personal style, maintenance preferences and budget.

Our Experts Help Keep Your Property Beautiful

Tree work and care should be an essential part of every homeowner’s landscape plan. The trees on your property provide your family with a significant service. They give you shade and beauty, and give added value to your home. 

The Tree Care Industry Association says, “Tree pruning is the single best investment a property owner can make to ensure the survival and lengthen the lifespan of their trees.”

Maintenance Needs Vary

You may be the type of person that enjoys a day spent maintaining your property and you only call on tree professionals when absolutely necessary. For others, maintaining your landscape is an intimidating and time consuming chore - with so much to know about the year-round needs of your trees and shrubs - so you simply opt to leave the entire task to the experts.

At Arborist Now, we offer a variety of tree care services, including yard and shrub pruning services in San Francisco. Our certified arborists work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and preferences in order to tailor the best tree service for you. At Arborist Now, we offer a variety of tree care services. Our certified arborists work hand in hand with you to understand your needs and preferences in order to tailor the best tree service for you.

Tree Service and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs provide shade, beauty and privacy and are the anchors of a great landscape. Arborist Now has been providing tree service for over twenty years and always uses a sensible approach. Our experienced staff will design a tree service and plant health care program that addresses the specific conditions of your landscape as well as your personal preferences with budget-friendly options.

Why is Tree Trimming Important to my Property?

The trees around your home and property add to its beauty and character. Proper care is vital for a long and healthy life. Arborist Now not only uses the right equipment for the job, but also assigns a knowledgeable, certified staff to apply state-of-the-art techniques to ensure your trees look their best continuously. With aerial bucket trucks and professional climbers able to access hard-to-reach limbs, our team completes every project safely and efficiently. Additionally, choosing the right cut during the tree trimming process is important to maintain the health of the tree

How We Help

Old trees and stumps not only detract from the beauty of your yard but pose a potential hazard. Safe and efficient removal of trees and stumps can immediately improve aesthetic appeal of your property. Arborist Now provides complete tree and stump removal for residential and municipal clients. 

It is important to remember that when removing unwanted or diseased branches from your trees, care should be taken to protect the trunk. A strong trunk and primary limbs are very important to the health and longevity of the trees surrounding your home. 

Tree and Shrub Health Care

As with all living things, trees and shrubs often face numerous conditions that can have a negative effect on their health. Among these are insect infestations, disease, wind and ice damage and injuries caused by people. How these issues affect a tree varies. Some issues may be mostly aesthetic and the tree will remain healthy for years. Often its appearance is less than healthy or attractive. Other issues can cause the health of the tree to decline and eventually cause the tree to die without proper care.

At Arborist Now, our tree experts have the knowledge and experience needed to offer advice on a wide range of tree diseases. We take great care to analyze your trees before offering advice on their condition, and the options you have for treating or removing any diseased trees from your property.

Storm Clean-Up

The hours immediately following a large storm can be some of the most trying times in a property owner’s life. The resulting damage and destruction often times makes homes and yards unrecognizable.

Arborist Now’s storm clean up services offer a measure of relief so you can focus on other areas of critical importance. Our teams respond quickly, cutting and clearing fallen trees and limbs so roadways can be re-opened and utility service restored to homes and businesses.

Our certified staff is available to evaluate your property and assess potential hazards before a large storm strikes. We will identify those trees and limbs most susceptible to high winds and create a plan designed to minimize future damage.

Arborist Now provides comprehensive tree services and plant health care for residential, commercial, municipal, and institutional clients throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We have an experienced staff of Certified Arborists and skilled tree care professionals who understand the importance of using proper techniques for the care of your trees. Let Arborist Now enhance the value, beauty and comfort of your home, office, or natural areas through proper tree care in a timely, safe, professional manner. We will exceed your expectations. You can rely on our staff – they are trained to solve all YOUR tree care needs!

Contact us TODAY to speak to our professional team and learn how we can help beautify and maintain your residential property with our outstanding tree care services!