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Trees and shrubs, akin to humans, demand regular care and attention to maintain peak health. They bring countless benefits when healthy, but neglect can transform them into liabilities. Regular inspections by certified arborists, like those at Arborist Now, are crucial to ensure their vitality. Our arborists perform comprehensive assessments of tree health, examining structural integrity, soil health, and potential signs of pests or diseases.

Unfortunately, many tree health issues go unnoticed until the later stages, making an annual inspection, at a minimum, a smart and preventive approach to tree and plant management. If an issue is discovered during our arborist's inspection, we offer a variety of recommended treatment options.

Soil Health and Fertilization

Nutrient deficiencies in the soil can pose serious threats to tree health and may even lead to tree mortality if left unaddressed. A nutrient-stressed tree not only experiences restricted growth and weaker composition but also becomes a hotspot for pests and diseases. Our arborists meticulously inspect your trees and shrubs for these symptoms, devising a personalized soil management plan focused on enhancing both cultural and nutrient soil quality. We offer a range of fertilization options, including organic and low-risk slow-release products, when necessary.

Pest and Disease Management

As part of our holistic tree and shrub inspection, our arborists are adept at identifying signs and symptoms of pest and disease activity. These symptoms can be elusive, making an arborist's trained eye indispensable for timely detection and remediation of potential risks. Some prevalent pests and diseases in our area include Bark Beetles, Scale insects, aphids, Sudden Oak Death, Pine Pitch Canker, and root rot, among others. We understand that not all trees and shrubs require treatments. But when necessary, we utilize organic and low-risk products to suppress harmful pests and diseases, all while safeguarding the environment, people, and animals.

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