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Just like people, trees and shrubs require attention and care in order to maintain optimum health. When healthy, trees provide many benefits. However, if neglected, they can become a liability. This is why it is important to have your trees and shrubs inspected by an arborist on a regular basis. Our Arborists will assess the tree’s overall health, which includes analyzing the structural integrity, soil health, as well as any signs or symptoms of pest and disease activity. 

Many of these issues aren’t obvious until they are in the very late stages. This is why we recommend, at the least, an annual inspection because a preventative approach is the easiest to manage. However, if an issue is detected during the Arborist’s inspection, an array of recommended treatment options are available.

Soil Health and Fertilization

Nutrient deficiencies in the soil can be extremely harmful to tree health and can often lead to eventual tree mortality if nothing is done to fix the issue. Not only will a nutrient stressed tree experience limited growth and weaker composition, it will also become much more susceptible to pests and diseases. Our Arborists will inspect your trees/shrubs for these symptoms to develop a recommended soil management plan, which will consist of improving cultural soil quality as well as nutrient soil quality. When fertilization is recommended, we offer an assortment of options including organic and low risk slow release products.

Pest and Disease Management

As part of any tree/shrub inspection, our Arborists are trained to detect signs and symptoms of pest and disease activity. Many of these symptoms are difficult to detect, which is why it is crucial to have an Arborist’s trained eye make the inspection in order to mitigate and improve any potential hazards. Some common pests and diseases in our area include Bark Beetles, Scale insects, aphids, Sudden Oak Death, Pine Pitch Canker, root rot and many more. We recognize that not all trees/shrubs need treatments. However, when necessary, we offer organic and low-risk products in order to suppress harmful pests and diseases, while still protecting the environment, people and animals.


Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare

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