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Blacksmithing Hand-Forged Gardening Tools

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Arborist Now is proud to offer this American-made, heirloom-quality garden tool set. Using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques - the result of these unique creations makes one think twice about getting them dirty. They are a vision to behold and a delight to hold! Hand-forged metal set into a walnut handle makes this gardening set THE ideal gift for the dedicated gardener, new couple, or anyone (you included!) who appreciates the refined and the unique; along with having an eye for high-quality, timeless crafts!

Blacksmithing Gardening Tools – the gardening tools you may not want to get dirty! 

Blacksmithing Gardening Tools Set – Hand-forged steel set into a black walnut handle makes this set of five handcrafted garden tools. Includes a large planting trowel, a narrow perennial trowel, a square hand hoe, a pointed hand hoe, and a three-tined rake.
  • Individually hand-forged with traditional blacksmithing techniques
  • Black walnut handles
  • Hand-forged to last a lifetime
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Hoe – Approx. 12" long and 3" wide
  • Trowel - Approx. 13" long by 2" wide
  • Large Planting Trowel - Approx. 12" long by 4" wide
  • Three –Tined Garden Rake Approx. 12" long by 5" wide
  • Square Garden Hoe - Approx. 12" long by 2" wide
  • Pointed Hand Hoe – Approx. 15" long (overall tool length is 22")
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