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Copper Leaf Skipping Stone Catch All Dish

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Arborist Now introduces you to beautiful, long lasting pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation. Nicole and Luke at vestige HOME have a mission to create thoughtful goods full of delightful and unexpected details that are crafted with exclusive hand-selected materials. Everything is handmade in their small studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Oakland, California. Thoughtful goods full of delightful and unexpected details, these pieces are sure to delight!


The Copper Leaf Skipping Stone Catch All Dish is reminiscent of the smooth, rounded shape of the perfect stones for skimming across the water's surface. It is an artful mix of wood and copper leafing to hold your treasured pieces.


  • Each of these dishes are free form turnings, making each one slightly different from the next.
  • Maple with copper leafing, and clear coated for protection.


Measures 3" in diameter



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