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Arborist Now is excited to bring you the Puzzleboard by OOOMS. This uniquely designed piece can be used in more ways than on. Each board can be used on its own as a cutting board or serving plate, or increase your work space by fitting a few  boards together. It's ideal for cutting those long baguettes! What also makes the Puzzle board so much fun is that any wineglass can be fitted into the blank spot of a board. Using the boards at parties allows guests to enjoy both wine and delicacies, while still having one hand free to greet friends. These are excellent for entertaining at home.


Made from FSC certified beech wood in the Netherlands, the Puzzleboard can be used as a cutting board or serving plate, or connect a few boards together for a large work space.


  • FSC Certified Beech Wood
  • Multiple boards fit together like a puzzle


  • FSC Certified Beech Wood
  • 29 x 17.5 x 1.7 cm 
  • .45 kg 



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