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Walnut Big Loop Serving Board

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Arborist Now introduces you to beautiful, long lasting pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation. Nicole and Luke at vestige HOME have a mission to create thoughtful goods full of delightful and unexpected details that are crafted with exclusive hand-selected materials. Everything is handmade in their small studios in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Oakland, California. Thoughtful goods full of delightful and unexpected details, these pieces are sure to delight!


Silky smooth finish, this dramatic walnut serving board will be a fine addition to your kitchen and dining experience. For heaping up with fresh biscuits in the morning to an evening charcuterie board at your next gathering. The loop handle and flat base make it perfect for display when not in use by either hanging on your wall or leaning. 


  • One of a kind.
  • Can also be used as a cutting board. We recommend using one side for cutting and one side for display.
  • Care instructions included. 

Measures 8" wide x 22" long



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