Tree Maintenance

Arborist Now's tree care maintenance services tend to the overall health of your trees, their safety, and aesthetic appearances

Tree maintenance is essential to help ensure the visual beauty and value of your landscape and property.

Arborist Now strongly supports a program schedule for the regular examination and treatment of the trees in urban outdoor spaces. With regular maintenance, these plants should be healthy and long lasting.

Tree Maintenance
Tree Maintenance
Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is essential to help ensure the visual beauty and value of your landscape and property.

Arborist Now strongly supports a program schedule for the regular examination and treatment of the trees in urban outdoor spaces. With regular maintenance, these plants should be healthy and long lasting.

Arborist Now designs an annual custom maintenance plan that fits the needs of your space. This also includes a full structural evaluation of each tree during our visit, as well as a detailed analysis a tree’s health, condition, and overall growth.

Our experienced staff uses these procedures for tree removal:

  • Schedule an appointment or consultation.
  • Assessment of situation will be performed and an optimized cost-effective maintenance plan will be delivered.
  • Once assessment approved job is put on ongoing schedule.
  • Customer is reminded of appointment a week prior.
  • Upon arrival, the surrounding area of service to be performed is secured, taking all necessary safety and protections precautions.
  • Service performed in a safe and timely manner.
  • Haul away and dispose of waste, cleaning any debris from area, leaving property in the same state prior to the service.
Long-term Tree Health Care

Helping trees to thrive in an urban environment through routine tree health inspections.

Irrespective of healthy appearances, urban trees are constantly under stress. Disease, insects, drought, poor soil quality, toxic chemicals, pesticides and inadequate upkeep all reduce the overall quality of life of a tree.

Trees are an essential economic, environmental and social asset. They support our health and well-being, clean pollutants, create our visual landscape, provide wood, habitat for wildlife and contribute to flood and erosion control. They are vital in both urban and rural settings.

At Arborist Now, our approach is proactive. Our team works closely with our commercial and residential clients by utilizing diagnostic tools that analyze the soil, monitor insect and disease infestation, and assess numerous environmental factors that affect plant growth and development. Our tree health management plans help to build the social, environmental and economic resilience of your tree population. As experts in tree health management in San Francisco, we tailor plans to suit your individual property, providing information and recommendations that address your specific concerns and budget. We look forward to helping your trees remain beautiful and healthy!

Tree Preservation

Tree preservation is a beneficial service offered to escalate your tree’s chance of survival and maintain the tree’s health.

A well-conceived tree preservation plan is an excellent tool for maintaining the overall vision, health, safety and aesthetics of your landscape. Trees grow quickly and change over time. At Arborist Now, tree preservation is an integral part of our residential and commercial tree services. Our goal is aimed at the long-lasting conservation of valued trees that may be historic, interesting, rare, odd, mature or desirable for other reasons and those that are not a direct threat to their immediate surroundings. We are dedicated to the conservation of trees for future generations to enjoy.

Arborist Now is often called upon by homeowners and businesses in San Francisco to assess the health of an older tree and provide the best course of action to preserve and improve its health. We use a combination of pruning, root zone therapy and soil improvement to revive or sustain older trees.

Arborist Now provides unmatched attention to tree preservation by providing a complete tree analysis and assessment of your needs and budget. We are committed to protecting and conserving your investment.

Tree Selection

When selecting trees for a planting design the goal is to find the right tree for the right location. Trees grow well only when matched to site conditions.

One of the most important decisions a homeowner will make is selecting trees for the property where the home is located. Considering that a tree has the potential to outlive the homeowner, this decision may impact generations.

Here are a few items to consider when selecting your trees. Make choices that meet your needs and provide:

  • shade
  • privacy – as a natural barrier or fence
  • esthetics - for the tree’s intrinsic beauty
  • filtered shades of light
  • wind protection

Arborist Now’s goal is to make sure the trees we provide plant live long and healthy lives, benefitting your property and the community as a whole. Steps taken are:

  • Good site planning.
  • Improvements to site conditions may be necessary.
  • Choosing the right tree species.
  • Maintenance considerations.

Proper site preparation, planting techniques and planting arrangements are also included in our proposals; ensuring a healthy start for a new tree and setting the foundation for its steady growth.

Tree Inventory

Our tree inventory service provides general information on the tree and plant population of your property so you can be properly informed when assessing your tree care.

An important part of any urban forestry management program is an accurate inventory of all trees and tree planting sites. Knowing the composition, distribution, and condition of tree groups validates activities ranging from standard tree maintenance and liability mitigation to budget allocation and long-term planning.

The primary purpose of a tree inventory is to provide a complete description of the overall age and condition of a tree population. A well-conceived management plan, developed from the inventory offers a suitable means to manage tree care, planting, pruning. It is particularly useful in mitigating liability should a tree cause damage or injury.

Arborist Now is dedicated to work hand-in-hand with property owners and managers to provide a tree inventory and management program in San Francisco. We present a comprehensive plan to make the best decisions and also allow you to competently manage tree population, maintenance and planting activity with your budget in mind.

Tree Structure Evaluation

We look for symptoms of decay, weak branches, splits and cracks and other signs of poor health, disease or decay when performing a tree structure evaluation

Safety first and foremost. Trees are beautiful, yet it is wise to never underestimate the potential risk trees pose to their surroundings. It is crucial to have trees checked periodically for structural issues, decay, exposure or poorly distributed weight. These conditions prove hazardous to both the tree and can cause personal injury or property damage.

Arborist Now provides tree structural evaluation to every tree we service and we tailor solutions for each individual tree. We are dedicated to thoroughly inspecting trees and report all potential hazards. In addition to tree inspection by a skilled climber, we provide a detailed report giving solutions to remedy structural weakness.

The experts at Arborist Now understand that tree health and structure can be seriously compromised due to storm damage, severe weather conditions and poor growth patterns as well as a poor root system, the most common condition leading to afflicted tree structure.

Arborist Now provides unmatched tree structure evaluation in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Mulch Delivery

Mulching will keep your beds weed free and looking their best with a fresh, colorful bed of mulch. We offer mulch delivery to San Francisco.

Arborist Now is an environmentally responsible company, which consciously recycles all debris. From trimming waste, we create mulch, which is an excellent organic matter to be used as a natural litter under trees, around hedges, in flower beds and many other landscape uses.

We know mulching is an effective form of weed control and it is one of the best treatments that can be used to protect the health and beauty of your landscape. Our experience allows us to recognize the exact type and quantity of mulch that is ideal for any given circumstance. It not only serves an aesthetic purpose, but many practical ones as well.

Arborist Now will deliver mulch to your site. For an hourly fee, we will spread it under trees, hedges, gardens, and other areas on your property. Please note we deliver to San Francisco only.

Unused mulch goes to a recycling center. The mulch is processed into pasteurized compost and is excellent for gardening.

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