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Just like humans, trees and shrubs require regular care and attention to remain healthy. When well maintained, they provide numerous benefits, but if neglected, they can become liabilities. At Arborist Now, our certified arborists conduct regular inspections to ensure the vitality of your greenery. We perform thorough assessments, checking every tree for structural integrity, soil health, and signs of pests or diseases to maintain their optimal condition.

Protective Tree Health Management

Many tree health issues often remain undetected until they reach advanced stages. To prevent such problems, an annual inspection by a qualified arborist is a wise and proactive strategy. At Arborist Now, if any issues are identified during our inspections, we provide a range of effective treatment options tailored to address the specific needs of your trees and plants, ensuring their long-term health and stability.

Enhancing Tree Health with Nutrient Management

Nutrient deficiencies in the soil can significantly threaten tree health, potentially leading to mortality if not addressed. Trees suffering from nutrient stress often exhibit restricted growth and weakened structures, making them more susceptible to pests and diseases. At Arborist Now, our arborists conduct detailed inspections of your trees and shrubs to identify such deficiencies. We create personalized soil management plans that improve cultural practices and soil nutrient quality. When needed, we offer a variety of fertilization treatments, including organic options and low-risk, slow-release products, to restore and maintain optimal tree health.

Pest and Disease Management

Our holistic inspections by skilled arborists are crucial for timely identification of elusive signs of pest and disease activity in trees and shrubs. The trained eye of an arborist is indispensable in spotting and addressing these potential risks early on. Common threats in our area include bark beetles, scale insects, aphids, sudden oak death, pine pitch canker, and root rot. While not all trees and shrubs require treatment, when intervention is necessary, we prioritize the use of organic and low-risk products. This approach effectively controls harmful pests and diseases while protecting the environment, people, and animals.

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