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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time I should prune my trees and how often?

It depends on why and how you want your tree pruned: however dead wooding, broken branches removal and light pruning can be done any time. Since all trees and situations are different we always come and give you our best advise on how to maintain your tree(s).

The only important thing is to prune trees regularly, once a year and not wait until overdue. This way the pruning can remain light and removing only a smaller portion of the canopy.

Arborist Now recommends that trees be checked often to inspect overall health and structure condition. This is procedure when trimming trees. If there is a structural weakness discovered, the problem will be addressed before to avoid structural failure.


When do you recommend a tree should be removed?

Arborist Now recommends tree removal when a tree become a hazard or when it is interfering with home structure, new construction, repair or when no conservation plan could realistically be performed, being too big, too close, etc. When a tree becomes too expensive to maintain and/or it decrease value of property tree removal becomes an option.

Arborist Now will work with a third-party consulting arborist if a tree report is needed to assess a tree condition.


Why do I need a professional to prune or trim my trees?

At Arborist Now, we have tree experts trained to ensure proper care for the livelihood of your trees. Inexperience could cause both injury to the tree and to oneself. We are safety-first focused and have years of dedicated tree care experience.


Is there anything I should consider when selecting a new tree?

Most definitely! Remember to think of surrounding plants, soil, region and commitment to caring for any new trees. Also keep in mind the immediate environment of underground and overhead utility cables, sidewalks and driveways. What is the purpose of a new tree – for shade – for privacy – for fruits or ornamental design?


Why choose an accredited tree care company?

Accredited tree care companies are experts in caring for your trees, shrubs and other greenery, which add to the value and beauty of your home. This also adds to peace of mind that safety of your property, bodily injury and your surroundings are a priority.

Typically, accredited tree care companies have trained and experienced staff employed who use the proper methods and technology to keep your trees in the best health.


Will you come to my home to give me an estimate first?

Yes. We will be coming at no expense to see the tree first and deliver you with a free assessment and estimate.


Can you set me up on a yearly tree maintenance program?

Yes. Together we can determine the maintenance goal you want to achieve with your tree. Once determined we will have the work on schedule, we will send you a notice of tree maintenance prior to performing the work.


Do you have 24-hour emergency service?

We do not have 24-hour emergency. In case of emergency tree related we can arrange for coming same day.