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Yard Maintenance and Renovation

Arborist Now reminds you that no matter the time of year . . . first impressions last.

What is yard maintenance and...

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Pruning the Street Trees of San Francisco

Though it may seem simple, tree pruning is actually extremely complicated, technical and dangerous.


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You Never Know When Summer Storms Will Strike!

5 Things to Protect Your Trees from Summer Storms 

Typical summertime images –  backyard barbecu...

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Bizarre Lumps, Bumps and Growths in Your Yard!

You are particular about the appearance of your property and notice spent flowers, withered leaves and broken stems that need to be picked up as you want everything to be neat and...

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The Liberty Tree – A Forgotten Symbol of the American Revolution

As summer is here and everyone is gathering to celebrate America’s 241st Birthday, Arborist Now is taking this time to publish a short article about The Liberty Tree and the rol...

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