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“Nights with White Satin” Moths

Periodically, agriculture and forestry experts in Nevada, Utah and California express concerns about potential infestations of the small, hauntingly beautiful White Satin Moth (...

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Armillaria Root Rot – It’s Bark Glows in the Dark!

With so much media attention focused on our environment, most people are somewhat familiar with pests and diseases that can have a devastating effect on specific trees such as the...

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How Deep is Your Love?

Those who cherish trees usually are not aware that over eighty percent of the root system of a tree occupies a zone about one foot below the surface of the soil where sufficient o...

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Get Off the Couch and Get Under a Canopy (of Trees)!

We could not live without trees. Trees clean the air and provide oxygen – Trees conserve energy and cool the streets of the city –...

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Mistletoe - A Parasite with Panache

First . . . the data. Mistletoe is the common name for a parasitic plant with yellowish flowers and glutinous white berries that grow attached to, and within, the vascular system ...

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