Wood Milling Transforming Trees into Treasures

At Arborist Now, we specialize in transforming fallen or removed trees, including green timber, into valuable wooden slabs through our expert wood milling services. Located in San Francisco, our process turns unwanted or damaged trees into beautiful, purposeful materials suitable for furniture, decor, and other bespoke projects.

Our Process

Our milling begins by selecting appropriate trees, focusing on those that, though downed or diseased, contain green timber with potential for reuse. Utilizing advanced milling equipment, we carefully cut the wood to preserve and enhance its natural beauty and unique characteristics. Each slab is then carefully dried and prepared for its next life in a new form.

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability drives our operations. By repurposing trees, including those with green timber that would otherwise be discarded, we help reduce waste and encourage a sustainable cycle of resource utilization. Our milling services not only prevent unnecessary landfill accumulation but also offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood sourcing.

Customization Opportunities

The slabs produced through our milling process are distinctive, each telling its own story through its rings and inherent patterns. We provide our clients with the chance to engage in the customization process, selecting the dimensions and finishes that perfectly match their vision and project requirements.

Why Choose Arborist Now for Wood Milling?

  • Expertise and Precision: Our experienced team ensures high-quality, precise cuts, maximizing the beauty and utility of each slab.
  • Sustainable Choices: We offer environmentally responsible options, promoting conservation and sustainable practices.
  • Custom Solutions: We tailor every slab to your specific needs, making each project uniquely personal.

Discover the potential of green timber with Arborist Now. Turn a simple piece of wood into a stunning centerpiece for your home or office.

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