Wood Milling Revolutionizing Urban Timber Utilization

Arborist Now is spearheading an innovative approach to repurposing urban tree waste in San Francisco. Instead of seeing the remains of diseased, dying, or dead trees as waste, we transform them into a valuable resource—high-quality milled wood.

Each piece of our milled wood tells the story of its origin, embodying the rich tapestry of our urban green spaces and representing a new chapter in its life.

Eco-Friendly Urban Forestry Practices

Our commitment to sustainable urban forestry extends beyond simply maintaining trees. We're leading the way in environmentally responsible practices with our urban wood milling services. Instead of contributing to landfill, or burning as firewood, we give new purpose to these urban-harvested logs.

Our milled wood offers a green timber solution ideal for landscape architects, homeowners, and municipal playground designers. This sustainable, high-quality timber is perfect for constructing outdoor features, furniture, playgrounds, and more, all while locking away carbon and promoting urban forestry stewardship.

Join us on this transformative journey. Contact Arborist Now today for your green timber needs!