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Common Tree Problems

A Bite Bigger than the Bark

A Bite Bigger than the Bark

Bark beetles are small insects, but don’t let their size fool you.

The strong jaws of these beetles chew and create a buckshot pattern of holes on the bark surface of infested branches or trunks of trees, causing...

Is it Time for a House Call? (Part 2)

Is it Time for a House Call? 

Tree diseases and pests can make an unwanted appearance any time of the year. 

Protecting your Trees from Common Spring Pests

The warmer weather in early spring awakens those pesky pests that were dormant...

Is it Time for a House Call? (Part 1)

Is it Time for a House Call?

Spring is a great time to consider San Francisco tree and shrub pruning service before the warm weather rush begins. 

Protecting your Trees from Common Spring Diseases

Tree diseases and pests can make an...

How Deep is Your Love?

Those who cherish trees may not be aware that over eighty percent of the root system of a tree occupies a zone about one foot below the surface of the soil where sufficient oxygen necessary for the tree to survive remains.

The Critical Root...

Five Conifers and Palms for Windy Locations

A few days ago, we discussed the importance of selecting wind-tolerant tree species for those living in windswept areas (San Francisco and the Bay Area are particularly good examples, and not just because these areas are plagued by the aptly...

Accidental Assault: Girdled Trees DRAFT


Today, we wanted to talk about an avoidable, but all too common, threat to your trees: girdling. Girdling occurs when something wraps around a tree branch or trunk, and causes damage to the tree’s vascular tissue. Severe girdling damage...

Seven Signs of Hazardous Trees

Healthy trees are beautiful, ecologically important components of local habitats, but unhealthy trees represent a significant safety hazard. While it is impossible to determine exactly when or if a given tree will fail, several clues can...

Four Factors That Predispose Trees to Wind Damage

For all of the amazing benefits trees provide, strong winds can make them incredibly dangerous. Gusts and gales can send branches flying through the air, while particularly strong winds can uproot trees or snap trunks like twigs.