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Yard Maintenance

The Tree Stump Surprise

Ever saved a penny today just to spend a dollar tomorrow? Learn about the hidden consequences of cutting corners in tree stump removal, and why it’s crucial to choose quality tree care, especially in San Francisco. Don't let a stump stand in the way of a clean and safe yard!

Simplifying the Subject of Soil Texture

Soil texture is one of the primary ways by which arborist, landscapers and other professionals with dirt under their fingernails classify soils. Determined by the size distribution of the particles in a sample, soil texture influences the...Dive into the world of soil texture with Arborist Now! Our expert guide breaks down why understanding soil types is crucial for effective gardening and plant care in the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn how the right soil can transform your green spaces.

Arborist Safety Gear Essentials: Protecting Yourself on the Job

As a local San Francisco tree care company, Arborist Now highlights essential safety gear for arborists. From helmets to harnesses, ensure your protection on the job with our expert tips and recommendations. Stay safe and secure while caring for trees in any environment.

7 Innovative Pruning Tools Every Arborist Should Own

Pruning is vital for tree care, especially in urban areas like San Francisco. Discover the top 7 innovative pruning tools every arborist needs. From precision pruners to sturdy pole saws, these tools ensure efficiency and tree health. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, learn which tools are essential for maintaining urban forests' beauty and health. Explore our list to enhance your tree care toolkit.

The Impact of Foliar Fungus

Discover the significant impact of foliar fungus on your trees and learn about effective treatment methods. Keep your San Francisco landscape healthy with expert tips from Arborist Now. Read more on how to protect your trees from these damaging fungi.

Going Barefoot This Summer? Focus on Yard Cleanup First!

Transform your yard into a barefoot paradise this summer with Arborist Now. Our guidance will help you ensure a clean, safe, and beautiful outdoor space that's perfect for all your warm-weather activities. Discover how we can help you enjoy a lush, barefoot-friendly yard.

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