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Nominal vs. Actual Lumber Dimensions: Get True 2x4s and More at Arborist Now

Are you confused by lumber sizes? At Arborist Now, we break down the difference between nominal and actual lumber dimensions, ensuring you get the right size for your project. Whether you're framing a new structure or crafting a piece of furniture, understanding these measurements is crucial. Visit us to get true 2x4s and other accurately sized lumber, and make your next project a success with our expert guidance.

Understanding Treated Lumber: What You Need to Know

Are you aware of the dangers of treated lumber? Our latest blog post uncovers the potential health and environmental risks, and guides you toward safer, eco-friendly alternatives. Arborist Now, a trusted tree care company in San Francisco, offers insights into green timber options for safe and sustainable construction.

How to Protect Trees from Pests Without Harming the Environment

Safeguard your trees without harming the environment! Arborist Now shares eco-friendly strategies to fend off pests and keep your trees thriving.Teaser: "Discover sustainable ways to protect your trees from pests while nurturing the environment. Arborist Now provides expert insights and eco-friendly strategies to ensure your trees thrive harmoniously with nature.

Going Barefoot This Summer? Focus on Yard Cleanup First!

Transform your yard into a barefoot paradise this summer with Arborist Now. Our guidance will help you ensure a clean, safe, and beautiful outdoor space that's perfect for all your warm-weather activities. Discover how we can help you enjoy a lush, barefoot-friendly yard.

Five Great Trees for Feeding Honeybees

With everything going on, it makes sense to do all you can to give honeybees a helping hand. Providing your local honeybees with a ready food source makes their lives better and your landscaping a more welcoming place.Boost your local ecosystem and support honeybees with these top tree choices. Learn which trees are best for feeding honeybees and how to create a bee-friendly environment in your yard. Contact Arborist Now for expert tree care services in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Rooftop Gardening: What Will This Trend Do for Urban Areas?

Discover how rooftop gardening is transforming urban areas in San Francisco. Learn about the benefits, from reducing urban heat to providing fresh produce, and see how this green trend is enhancing city living. Explore insights and tips from Arborist Now, your local tree care experts.

How to Solve Storm Runoff While Staying Green

Explore innovative green solutions to storm runoff challenges in urban environments. In this post, we'll introduce you to Low-Impact Development (LID) strategies, which utilize natural processes to manage rainwater, reduce flooding, and enhance water quality. Learn how these methods can sustainably mitigate storm runoff impacts while promoting urban greening.

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