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The Liberty Tree: A Forgotten Symbol of the American Revolution

Dive into the fascinating history of the Liberty Tree, an emblem of American resistance during the Revolution. Discover its origins, key events, and lasting impact. Learn how this symbol of freedom inspired a nation and continues to be remembered today. Click to read more and explore the enduring legacy of the Liberty Tree with Arborist Now.

Success Runs in the Family

Discover the journey of two young entrepreneurs, Zélia and Solène, daughters of Arborist Now's owner, who create handmade greeting cards through their venture, Solia Creations. Learn how their passion for crafting turned into a business inspired by a stay in Switzerland and adapted to their life in San Francisco, showcasing their unique designs at local markets and inspiring other young entrepreneurs.

To-Do List: March Gardening

Spring into action with your gardening this March! Discover the crucial tasks to prepare your San Francisco garden for the upcoming season with practical tips from Arborist Now. From repotting houseplants to maintaining irrigation systems, ensure your outdoor space thrives with our comprehensive guide.

11 Hardwood Trees for Windy Locations

Learn how to landscape effectively in windy locations! This post highlights five resilient hardwood trees ideal for such conditions, detailing their unique features and benefits. Discover how these wind-resistant species can enhance your garden's durability and aesthetics, ensuring long-term health and stability in challenging environments.

Should You Consider Drip Irrigation for Your Trees?

Discover the benefits and considerations of using drip irrigation for your trees. This blog post explains how drip systems provide targeted root hydration, promote deep root growth, and reduce water waste. Learn about the best practices for installing and maintaining drip irrigation, including choosing the right flow rates and incorporating automation options for optimal efficiency and tree health.

Helping Endangered Birds: A Good Guide To Building A Safe Nest In Your Backyard

Ever wondered how to turn your backyard into a haven for endangered birds? Dive into our latest guide on birdhouse-building and discover the simple steps to make a real difference. From selecting the right tree to ensuring your feathered friends' safety, we've got you covered. Start your journey into backyard conservation today!

Four Tips for Gardening with Toddlers

Children love to play in the dirt. Working in a garden, a child can experience the satisfaction that comes from caring for something over time and watching it grow and change.

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