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Pests and Disease

10 Common Tree Diseases: Symptoms and Solutions

Uncover the most common tree diseases affecting San Francisco trees. Our guide provides symptoms, solutions, and preventive measures to ensure your trees thrive. Arborist Now offers expert care for all your tree health needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Tree Pest Identification

Discover how to identify common tree pests in San Francisco and protect your trees from damage. Our ultimate guide will help you keep your trees healthy and thriving. Get expert tips and advice from Arborist Now to ensure your trees receive the best care possible.

Mistletoe Facts: Understanding its Impact on Trees and Wildlife

Unveil the secrets of mistletoe, the enigmatic plant that adorns our trees and traditions. Dive into our latest blog to discover the surprising ways mistletoe influences the urban forests of San Francisco. Join Arborist Now in exploring the dual nature of this famous parasitic plant!

Understanding Bark Beetle Infestations: Prevention and Solutions

Are you noticing more bark beetles around your San Francisco property? At Arborist Now, we specialize in advanced tree care techniques to combat these damaging pests effectively. Learn how our expert arborists protect your trees and help maintain the health and beauty of our local urban forest.

Keeping Pests Away from Your Fruit Trees

It takes some hard work to grow fruit trees, so you are going to want to make sure that these trees are well-protected from pests and disease. Now, while there isn’t one proven method for handling this problem, there are a few excellent solutions. Let’s take a look at the best options for fruit tree pest control.

On the Cutting Edge: The Latest News in Tree Science

Delve into the latest breakthroughs in tree science with Arborist Now. From battling pests to boosting tree immunity, discover how cutting-edge research is shaping the future of tree care in San Francisco. Stay ahead with the newest findings in arboreal health.

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