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Wildlife Damage

Tree Bark: That Beneficial Barrier

Tree bark is roughly akin to the skin of animals; it helps to define the boundary between the internal and external world, and it provides protection against a variety of threats. While bark fails to attract the same level of attention that...Dive into the protective world of tree bark and its crucial role in nurturing San Francisco's urban canopy. Learn how this natural barrier defends against threats and sustains our city's green heritage.

Invasive Species: What Do They all Have in Common?

Delve into the hidden peril facing San Francisco's majestic trees: invasive species. Join Arborist Now as we unveil the threats and reveal our strategic efforts to safeguard our city's green treasures. Discover how you can contribute to preserving our urban forest!

“Nights with White Satin" Moths

Discover the crucial strategies for defending your San Francisco greenery against the White Satin Moths. Arborist Now offers in-depth expertise to combat these pests and ensure your trees thrive. Don't miss our essential tips and proactive measures.

Top 5 Tips for Spring Tree Preparation

Get your trees ready for spring with this practical guide. Learn the top 5 essential tips for spring tree preparation, including cleaning, mulching, watering, pruning, and fertilizing. We'll provide you with detailed steps to ensure your trees are healthy and vibrant, setting them up for a successful growing season.

The Top 9 Most Common Tree Issues & How to Solve Them

Learn how to address the most common tree issues! In this post, you'll discover solutions for compacted soil, nutrient deficiencies, pest infestations, and more. Gain insights into effective tree care practices that ensure your trees stay healthy and resilient, promoting a thriving landscape.

Bizarre Lumps, Bumps, and Growths in Your Yard!

Explore the intriguing world of galls—unusual growths on plants caused by insects, bacteria, or fungi. This blog post delves into the diverse types of galls, their causes, and their effects on plant health. Learn about effective management strategies and discover creative uses for removed galls, from crafting to natural dyeing.

Wildlife in Urban Forests

Wildlife in Urban Forests

While working in the canopy of trees, arborists encounter many types of surprises. The most exciting, and potentially dangerous, of these involve wildlife. Trees are a major part of most ecosystems on earth and...

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