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Bizarre Lumps, Bumps, and Growths in Your Yard!

Explore the intriguing world of galls—unusual growths on plants caused by insects, bacteria, or fungi. This blog post delves into the diverse types of galls, their causes, and their effects on plant health. Learn about effective management strategies and discover creative uses for removed galls, from crafting to natural dyeing.

“Nights with White Satin" Moths

Discover the crucial strategies for defending your San Francisco greenery against the White Satin Moths. Arborist Now offers in-depth expertise to combat these pests and ensure your trees thrive. Don't miss our essential tips and proactive measures.

Invasive Species - What Do They all Have in Common?

Common Traits of Invasive Species

Quick quiz: What do the following species have in common?

Bed bugs ( Cimex lectularius ), fountain grass ( Pennisetum setaceum ), giant reed ( Arundo donax ), gold spotted oak borers ( Agrilus coxalis ), quagga...

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