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Tree Care

“Nights with White Satin" Moths

Periodically, agriculture and forestry experts in Nevada, Utah and California express concerns about potential infestations of the small, hauntingly beautiful White Satin Moth (Leucoma salicis) that can destroy entire groves of aspen,...

How Deep is Your Love? A Guide to Vertical Mulching

Those who cherish trees may not be aware that over eighty percent of the root system of a tree occupies a zone about one foot below the surface of the soil where sufficient oxygen necessary for the tree to survive remains.

The Critical Root...

The Arborist Now Tree Quiz

Are you interested in testing your tree-teligence? Take our tree-knowledge quiz below and see how you do! 

Each question is multiple choice; scroll down for the answers. We designed this quiz for laypersons, but we have published a quiz...

Wound Paint: Falling Out of Favor

Not so long ago, arborists and other tree professionals would coat fresh pruning cuts with a latex- or petroleum-based paint. The goal was to prevent the advancement of decay, which could ultimately kill the recently pruned tree. However, one...

Protecting Trees from Construction Chaos

Urban trees must cope with a constant parade of assaults. They live amid polluted air, grow in confined areas and suffer scars from delinquents and ne’er-do-wells. However, these damaging deeds pale in comparison to the primary threat facing...

Accidental Assault: Girdled Trees


Today, we wanted to talk about an avoidable, but all too common, threat to your trees: girdling. Girdling occurs when something wraps around a tree branch or trunk, and causes damage to the tree’s vascular tissue. Severe girdling damage...

The Trouble with Topping Trees

Improper pruning practices can weaken even the healthiest trees. In especially tragic cases, improper pruning can lead to the tree's premature demise. Such is often the case whenever trees suffer a particularly horrible pruning practice called “topping."

Water Well, But Water Efficiently

Water is the common prerequisite for all earthly life, and trees are no exception. While trees do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves, it is sometimes necessary to provide them with supplemental water. This is especially true of...

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