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The Two Basic Ways Amateur Tree-Pruners Ruin Trees

All too often, arborists are tasked with rectifying mistakes made by amateur tree pruners. 

Sometimes, the problems are relatively minor, and require only minor corrective pruning, but other problems are more serious and require multiple...

Four Factors That Predispose Trees to Wind Damage

For all of the amazing benefits trees provide, strong winds can make them incredibly dangerous. Gusts and gales can send branches flying through the air, while particularly strong winds can uproot trees or snap trunks like twigs.

Going Barefoot This Summer? Focus on Yard Clean-Up First

GET READY . . . it’s almost barefootin’ time!

If your tootsies have suffered from restrictive shoes, too-small sandals, and unsupportive flip-flops brought on by footwear, here's why you should consider going barefoot this summer season. 

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