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Stay Informed with Arborist Now: Discover the Latest in Tree, Green Design, and Milling Services

The Basic Anatomy of a Tree

Dive into the intricate world of trees with our comprehensive guide to their basic anatomy. From roots to crown, explore each component's role in a tree's health and longevity, allowing you to better understand and care for these majestic organisms. Embark on a journey of discovery as you unravel the secrets hidden within every branch, leaf, and trunk.

Why Your Arborvitae is Turning Brown and How to Fix It

Discover the secrets to reviving brown arborvitae in our comprehensive guide. Explore proven strategies and expert tips for bringing these evergreens back to vibrant health, ensuring your landscape remains lush and thriving. Don't let brown foliage dampen your greenery—learn how to save your arborvitae and restore its natural beauty.

Top Tree Safety Tips for Thunderstorms

Prepare your trees for the stormy season with our top tree safety tips. From pruning to anchoring, learn essential strategies to safeguard your trees against thunderstorms, ensuring both their longevity and your property's safety. Don't let unpredictable weather take a toll—arm yourself with knowledge and protect your trees with confidence.

Comprehensive Tree Care Strategies for Urban Environments

Explore effective tree care strategies tailored for urban environments in our comprehensive guide. From tree selection to maintenance practices, learn how to foster healthy urban forests that thrive amidst city life's challenges. Elevate your urban green spaces with expert insights and ensure a greener, healthier future for our cities.

Helping Endangered Birds: A Good Guide To Building A Safe Nest In Your Backyard

Ever wondered how to turn your backyard into a haven for endangered birds? Dive into our latest guide on birdhouse-building and discover the simple steps to make a real difference. From selecting the right tree to ensuring your feathered friends' safety, we've got you covered. Start your journey into backyard conservation today!

The Best and Worst Trees to Plant by Your House

Choosing the right trees for your yard can enhance your home's beauty and value, while the wrong ones can cause headaches. Discover the top five best and worst trees to plant near your house in our latest blog post. Learn which trees will thrive without damaging your property and which ones to avoid for a hassle-free landscape. Don't miss out on these essential tips for a perfect garden!

Teaching Children About Trees

Ready to turn little curiosity into big knowledge? Arborist Now's guide on teaching children about trees in San Francisco is packed with tips, activities, and insights that make learning about nature exciting and accessible. Dive in and watch your child's green thumb grow!

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