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Stay Informed with Arborist Now: Discover the Latest in Tree, Green Design, and Milling Services

The After-Effects of Wildfires in California are Wide-Ranging

Wildfires spread quickly and can engulf large areas in a short period. Explore the far-reaching consequences of wildfires on the environment and communities in this insightful blog post. Learn about the ecological damage as well as how wildfires affect human health and elevate risks of natural disasters like mudslides. This article also discusses the socio-economic impacts, including damage to infrastructure and losses in local economies.

A Guide to Taking Care of Your Trees During a Drought

Learn how to care for your trees during drought conditions with this detailed guide. Discover effective strategies for maintaining tree health and learn about recognizing signs of drought stress. This blog post also addresses the risks of fertilizing during droughts and the importance of strategic pruning to help trees better withstand and recover from dry periods.

Thorns and Prickles and Spines, Oh My!

Explore the functional and aesthetic roles of thorns, prickles, and spines in the plant world. These features help plants defend against herbivores, support other flora, and can enhance your landscape's security and biodiversity. Learn about the botanical differences among these defensive structures and get tips for incorporating thorn-bearing plants into your garden effectively.

Eucalyptus: Non-Native Friend or Foe?

Delve into the complex role of eucalyptus trees in California's ecosystem. This blog post examines whether eucalyptus is a beneficial non-native species or an environmental foe, considering its historical use, landscaping appeal, and the associated fire risks. Explore the ecological impact of these trees, especially the blue gum variety, and their management within local environmental regulations.

Two-Horned Oak Gall Wasp: Coast Live Oaks

Discover the impact of the Two-Horned Oak Gall Wasp on coast live oaks, a prevalent issue in Sonoma County. We'll explore the life cycle of this invasive wasp, the distinct signs of infestation it leaves on trees, and the consequential effects on tree health. Learn about the challenges of managing these pests and strategies to mitigate damage and promote tree recovery.

How and Why You Should Landscape Around Your Fencing

Enhance your outdoor space by thoughtfully landscaping around your fencing. In this post, we'll discuss the aesthetic and functional benefits of integrating plants with your fence line. Learn how strategic placement of shrubs, trees, and flowers can transform your fence from a mere boundary into a beautiful and integral part of your garden, improving privacy, reducing noise, and adding vibrant layers of texture and color to your yard.

How to Solve Storm Runoff While Staying Green

Explore innovative green solutions to storm runoff challenges in urban environments. In this post, we'll introduce you to Low-Impact Development (LID) strategies, which utilize natural processes to manage rainwater, reduce flooding, and enhance water quality. Learn how these methods can sustainably mitigate storm runoff impacts while promoting urban greening.

From Upcycling to Crafting: Arborist Now’s Unwavering Dedication to Sustainable Excellence

Discover the innovative journey of Arborist Now, a company committed to sustainable practices. We're excited about our evolution from traditional tree care to the integration of Arbor Upcycle, a division focused on repurposing wood waste into valuable, artisanal products. Learn how our approach not only supports environmental stewardship but also enhances San Francisco's urban landscape through sustainable craftsmanship.

A Guide to Vertical Mulching

Discover the importance of vertical mulching and its role in maintaining healthy tree roots with this informative blog post. Delve into the technique's benefits, such as alleviating soil compaction and enhancing water penetration, to ensure the vitality and longevity of your trees. This guide provides insights on safeguarding your trees' critical root zones, emphasizing proactive care for a thriving garden.

Top 5 Tips for Spring Tree Preparation

Get your trees ready for spring with this practical guide. Learn the top 5 essential tips for spring tree preparation, including cleaning, mulching, watering, pruning, and fertilizing. We'll provide you with detailed steps to ensure your trees are healthy and vibrant, setting them up for a successful growing season.

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