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Ocean Avenue Street Trees

Safety is our number one concern. We have our cones and ‘tree work ahead’ sign to alerts pedestrians and traffic to the work on Ocean Ave.

It is not easy being a street tree in San Francisco. Trees growing along the sidewalk have to put up with air pollution from traffic, getting damaged by large trucks passing by and usually poor soil conditions and a lack of water. It is our job to make sure that despite all of this, the trees will still thrive, remain safe for the public, and last but not least, look beautiful.

This month, Arborist Now worked for the Ocean Avenue Association doing maintenance pruning on most of the street trees along the sidewalks of Ocean Avenue. We routinely do maintenance on these trees to ensure their vitality and the safety of the pedestrians that walk underneath them every day. We are also responsible for providing clearance for buildings, signs, streetlights, sidewalks, and roadways. In order to accomplish these goals, it is common to remove any low hanging branches, dead or damaged branches, and to reduce the weight of heavy branches that are prone to failure in heavy winds and rain.

Zack, our lead climber, doing structural work to a Lophostemon confertus.

Providing tree care services along roadways requires a constant awareness of your surroundings. Climbers and groundsmen must continuously communicate and always be mindful of both pedestrians and vehicles. At Arborist Now our team is used to working in all types of environments: from quiet backyards to the busy streets of the city. No matter what the situation is, we always work together to ensure the safety of others, ourselves, and the health of the trees.

Here is our lead arborist climber Zack, carefully and methodically cutting a branch from a Prunus serrulata, a Japanese Cherry.

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