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Timberland Trucks: Small Business - Big Trucks

Small business, big trucks.

Arborists can find great trucks made by Timberland Trucks that will help them with their landscaping business needs.

A Fortuitous Meeting

Arborist Now and Timberland Trucks met at an industry expo.

The two greenscape companies were able to benefit from each other.

Jean-Claude Rochat, owner of Arborist Now, recently met John and Joan Lippett, the owners of Timberland Trucks, at the Tree Care Industry Association trade show.

“Every year, they have an Expo that show cases equipment used in the tree industry from trucks, airlifts, saws, ropes, tree disease treatments...all the nuts and bolts needed for the tree care industry.  During the Expo, they also have demonstrations on proper rope placement for tree climbing for the trimming and take down of trees in the safest method.” Joan Lippett said.

“Attendees are new and old tree business owners looking for ways to improve the operation of their business.”

Jean-Claude went on to purchase a truck from the Lippetts and was incredibly pleased.

The truck Jean-Claude received was, according to the Lippetts, a “2018 Kenworth cab over.  We then up-fitted the truck with a COPMA 170.5 knuckleboom crane with top seat controls, radio remote, 58" grapple, hydraulic winch and a man bucket.  His truck also received a 14' HD chip/log dump bed with removable roof, two vb boxes, chock holders with chocks, 4'x8' Alturnamat storage box, strobe light package, and a tuck away ladder.”

(This is the truck that Arborist Now purchased and loves using!)

Timberland’s Story

This family-owned business does what they know best – trucks

By being able to provide quality products, the Lippetts have successfully grown their business

According to Joan, her husband Jack “is the founder of Timberland Truck Sales and it is a family-run business.  He has been in this type of business for over thirty years and he is constantly trying to improve our products.  We are currently located in Bassett, Virginia, with ten employees.  We have built trucks for customers all over the states.  The most distant locations include Hawaii and Juneau, Alaska!”

“Jack and I are the ‘Mom and Pop’ of the business.  I now work in the office with the assistance of our daughter Jessica.  Ten years ago, we moved to Virginia and I was in the shop alongside Jack.  We also have our son Jack working in the shop.  Definitely a family-run business!” Joan said.

“Our company customizes trucks as requested by our customers.  This includes installing custom built chip/log dump beds, installing knuckleboom cranes (small cranes with 20' reach to our larger cranes with 50' reach), tool boxes, grapple saws...basically building the ‘dream tree truck’ for our customers.” Joan Lippett explained.

“The trend in the tree industry seems be towards using larger hydraulic knuckleboom cranes (80' - 120' reach) with a felling grapple.  Timberland has partnered up with HIAB and developed our purpose built TREEZILLA cutting machine.” Joan continued.

What a great partnership between two greenscape industry innovators! We love seeing partnerships like this! Has your business benefitted from a partnership with another greenscape company?  We would love to hear about it.

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