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Young Entrepreneurs Crafting Unique Greeting Cards

In the bustling city of San Francisco, two talented sisters, Zélia (12) and Solène (10), the talented daughters of Arborist Now's owner, Jean Claude Rochat, have embarked on an exciting entrepreneurial journey with their venture, Solia Creations. These young entrepreneurs have combined their love for drawing and their creative spirit to craft one-of-a-kind, handmade greeting cards that have captured the hearts of their community.

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Get Better Soon card

Customer Appreciation with Artistic Flare

These young ladies are the creative minds behind Arborist Now’s heartfelt thank-you notes! Weekly they individually craft the company’s thank you notes to each and every customer. From delicate watercolors to whimsical illustrations, their designs capture the essence of our appreciation for our wonderful clients.

The Inspiration Behind Solia Creations

Charming Curiosities: A Glimpse of Youthful Enterprise in Croy
Croy, Switzerland

Zélia and Solène have always enjoyed creating their own greeting cards. Still, it was during a year-long stay in a quaint Swiss village that they discovered the potential of turning their passion into a business. Inspired by the local producers who sold their goods directly to customers, the sisters set up a charming cupboard display filled with their handcrafted cards, soaps, candles, and spices. The trust-based system allowed customers to purchase their products even when the girls weren't present, and the positive response from the community was overwhelming.

Handcrafted thank you notes

Various Custom Thank You notes

Evolving with Challenges and Opportunities

Upon returning to San Francisco, Zélia and Solène adapted their business model to fit the urban environment. They now participate in monthly markets within their community, where kids are encouraged to sell their handmade creations. The sisters also briefly explored selling through an Etsy store but ultimately decided to focus on in-person interactions and the tactile experience of creating with paper and pencils.

One of the challenges the sisters faced was the time-consuming process of crafting unique cards. To fulfill a large order of 75 holiday cards, they innovated by incorporating dried fall leaves into their designs, adding a touch of calligraphy and personalization. This creative solution allowed them to streamline their process while maintaining the handmade quality their customers adore.

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Calligraphy demo!

Advice for Aspiring Kid Entrepreneurs

When asked about advice for other aspiring kid entrepreneurs, Zélia and Solène emphasize the importance of choosing something you enjoy and excel at. They also encourage seeking help and guidance from parents and knowledgeable people in your community.

solia creations

Inspiration for Kidpreneurs!

These girls have already received their first bit of press with a neat article in The Tuttle Times by The Tuttle Twins!

Spotlight on Creativity: The Artistic Journey of Solia Creations

Tuttle Twins Interview

Be Inspired!

Nothing is more inspiring than our youth inspiring others! These young ladies not only have the talent, but they also have the drive and motivation to inspire other young entrepreneurs! To learn more about Solia Creations, to be inspired, and to stay updated on their latest designs, follow them on Instagram [@solia_creations_]. You can also contact them directly via email at [email protected].

Upcoming Farmers Market Appearance

Mark your calendars! Come meet the creators of Solia Creations who will be showcasing their unique greeting cards at the Outer Sunset Farmers Market on Sunday, April 14th, from 9 am to 2 pm. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Zélia and Solène in person, browse their beautiful creations, and support these inspiring young entrepreneurs!

Community Charm: Join Solia Creations at the Outer Sunset Farmers Market & Mercantile

Meet the artists and place your order!

*Credit to Tuttle Twins Magazine for portions of information shared in this post.

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