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The Top 5 Ways to Be a Frugal Gardener

The Top 5 Ways to Be a Frugal Gardener

Gardening is a great way to get yourself outside, grow your own food and herbs, and create the landscape you want. However, it can also get a little pricey.

How do you garden the way you want without spending over what you can afford? Here are our top 5 tips for becoming a frugal gardener.

1. Start From Seeds

If you are a beginner gardener, it might be tempting to start your garden out with fully grown, bigger plants. However, this is far more expensive than starting from seeds.

While it may be intimidating, planting your own seeds doesn’t have to be that difficult. Your plant selection is vast, meaning that there are many easy options to sow. There are even options that self-seed, which means they will return on their own in years to come.

Whether it’s flowers, plants, vegetables, or herbs, choosing seeds over grown plants is infinitely cheaper.

2. Share Tools & Advice

Try to get out and meet other gardeners, whether it’s online or in person. Not only does this give you a chance to discuss ways to garden and tips, but you can also share tools as well.

By sharing tools, trading seeds and plants, and getting good advice, you are also going to be saving some money with your new gardening friends as well.

If you aren’t sure where to get started, consider trying out some of these online communities. For meeting people in person, consider planning a plant swap with friends and neighbors with gardens. You could even organize a little farmer’s market to share extra home-grown food.

3. Recycle

Instead of purchasing expensive pots and barriers for weeds, consider combing through your home to see what used items you can recycle.

Teacups, mugs, and decorative bowls can have holes drilled in the bottom from drainage and used as planters. Cardboard is great for blocking off weed under mulch, and plastic yogurt containers are ideal for starting pots for seeds. You can even use your old eggshells and coffee grounds for fertilizer.

If you need further inspiration, here are some fantastic recycling ideas for your garden.

4. Be Smart With Your Water

Controlling how much water you are using is a great way to save some money.

One way to save on your water bill is by simply collecting rainwater and using it in your garden. All you need to do to start this habit is set up a rain barrel. Simply attach a downspout in the barrel and leave it outside.

On top of putting out your own rain barrel, consider drip irrigation for your garden. Using a system like this over a traditional hose or sprayer will use less water and save you time and money. A drip irrigation system targets the roots of your plants, so you aren’t wasting any through evaporation.

5. DIY Compost

Last but not least, consider making your own compost instead of buying it. Buying bags of compost can get really expensive, but making your own is extremely simple and passive.

Making your own compost simply consists of saving your kitchen and garden scraps. You can either put the materials in a bin, turn it over frequently, and use as needed, or you can buy a tumbling composter.

Our Final Thoughts on Saving Money in Your Garden

Whether you just want to save a few dollars or need to severely cut your gardening budget, we’re sure you can find your answers here.

Which tips are you the most excited to try for your own garden?

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