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The Top Landscaping Trends for 2019

The Top Landscaping Trends for 2019

As we ring in the new year, let’s take a look at the up and coming landscaping trends for 2019.

This year has lots of new and exciting trends that will give your garden and landscaping a fresh, new look and feel. Here are some of our favorite options for the year ahead.

1. Vibrant Colors

Something that we are going to be seeing a lot of in 2019 is a vast array of vibrant colors in landscaping and gardening. This trend is quite a change from simply having bright accents in your garden, now every aspect of your backyard will be lively and filled with different colors and textures .

This trend includes diverse flower beds, painted containers in bright colors and different shapes/sizes, colorful outdoor furniture, and other unique decor in a spread of vibrant shades.

No matter what the size of your garden and yard, this is a really easy trend to incorporate with what you already have in your landscaping. The bright colors will add a lot of excitement and positive energy to your outdoor space.

2. New Technology

As the years go by, we are seeing better and better technology when it comes to our landscaping tools.

All of the major landscaping equipment dealers: Echo , Stihl , Dewalt , etc. are offering some amazing innovations when it comes to the tools you need to complete landscaping jobs, as well as wonderful additions for customers as well.

There are battery powered, self-driving mowers, apps to assist with landscaping and planning gardens, and so many other new aspects being created all the time to help you out.

While this is really a trend every year as we expand on what is available to landscapers and homeowners, it is an exciting prospect as we come into a new year.

3. Keeping Things ‘Low Maintenance’

Another trend that 2019 is bringing us is a more low-key, less stressful garden and landscaping plan. We live in a busy, constantly moving world, so gardeners seem to be looking for good ways to simplify their landscaping and gardens this year.

This means using a lot of perennial plants (since these come back every single year, they are less stressful than planning new flowers and plants each spring). If you are unsure of what flowers/plants/shrubs to include in your garden, consider consulting your local garden center or discussing it with Homescape Now .

Instead of worrying constantly about your plants, trees, and lawn getting enough water, consider installing an irrigation system that takes care of the job for you. This ensures that your greenery doesn’t die or become brown while you’re taking a trip or while working all day.

Lastly, make sure to do your research while selecting the best hardscaping materials for your landscaping. This means choosing quality stones/bricks that won’t require you to repair them frequently, picking pavers that don’t need constantly cleaning, and proper edging for your gravel pathways and driveway.

4. Water Features

In addition to keeping your landscaping low maintenance, having water features is a great way to create a stress-free, relaxing environment in your backyard.

This trend includes water fountains, swimming pools, waterfalls, ponds , or even small springs. Whether the feature is natural or man-made, it’s a great way to add character and tranquility to any outdoor space.

5. Green Fences

Green fences, also known as living walls, are a beautiful, functional, and timeless way to decorate your backyard.

Certain plants, like ivy, are ideal for growing up and down a wall. It’s also a great place to hang containers and shelves for flowers and plants too.

These fences can border your yard and give you more privacy, or simply section off your landscaping as you see fit.

6. Natural Gardens

The last trend to expect in 2019 is more natural looking gardening and landscaping.

By more natural, you can look forward to less grooming and meticulous lawns and plants. There will be an increase in grass that isn’t cut quite as short, flowers and plants that aren’t necessarily restricted by strict borders, and plants that are easier to care for and keep alive.

This is a mixture of keeping your landscaping low maintenance and also grooming it to look as if it hadn’t been groomed and done on purpose. It’s a great way to landscape for those of you with kids and pets, or for those who would just prefer to spend less time on grooming their lawn and plants.

Happy Landscaping!

We hope you and your family have a fantastic new year and a great time planning out your landscaping for the upcoming seasons of 2019. If you find yourself needing any assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us today!

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