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What to Do When Tree Branches Hang Over Your Roof

What to Do When Tree Branches Hang Over Your Roof

Trees with a large canopy are a great addition to landscaping – they are majestic and powerful-looking, and they provide your yard with a lot of shade. They can, however, get to a certain point where they’re hanging over, or even touching your roof.

So, how dangerous is this? When should you be worried and take some action? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Potential Risks

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First things first, what are the potential risks of leaving branches hanging over your rooftop?

  • Having branches against your roof can cause mold
  • Long tree branches could become dangerous during a storm, and cause damage to your home
  • Tree leaves could clog up your gutter
  • On windy days, it could scrape and damage the part of your house and roof it’s touching

If these tree branches hanging over your home are not properly trimmed back and pruned regularly, they could also bring disease and pests to the rest of the tree. It’s vital that any and all parts of the trees on your property are given the tree care that they need to thrive.

How Do You Know if a Branch is Dangerous?

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Any branch that is hanging over your home, close enough to touch your roof, windows, or house, in general, should be trimmed back. Doing this will help you avoid any potential damage through falling branches, disease, or other issues.

How to Remove Hanging Branches Over Your Home

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So, how do you remove hanging branches over your roof?

Since these branches are already posing a threat to your home, it’s incredibly important that this is done carefully, If the branches are cut incorrectly, they could fall and cause the damage that you’re trying to avoid.

While you can attempt to do this yourself, unless you are an expert, it could cause more damage than it’s worth. Ideally, you would contact a trusted tree care professional to assist you with handling these tree branches.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can contact Arborist Now to assist with your overhanging branches today. We offer competitive rates and can ensure that your home is safe from any nearby trees. Contact us today for more information!

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