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Need expert tree care services in San Francisco? Arborist Now provides top-notch pruning, planting, and maintenance to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Get your free estimate today!

Pruning the Street Trees of San Francisco

Discover the best practices for pruning street trees in San Francisco. Our expert tips from Arborist Now will help you enhance tree health and safety in urban environments. Click to read more and ensure your trees thrive in the city.

10 Reasons to Invest in a Portable Sawmill

Unlock the potential of your woodworking projects with a portable sawmill. Learn how this investment can boost efficiency and quality, increase your woodworking capabilities, and why it's a game-changer for San Francisco artisans. Explore Arborist Now's insights and start transforming your projects today!

The Tree Stump Surprise

Ever saved a penny today just to spend a dollar tomorrow? Learn about the hidden consequences of cutting corners in tree stump removal, and why it’s crucial to choose quality tree care, especially in San Francisco. Don't let a stump stand in the way of a clean and safe yard!

Do I Need a Tree Removal Permit?

As a San Francisco Bay Area resident, understanding when you need a tree removal permit is crucial. Our comprehensive guide helps you navigate local regulations, ensuring your tree removal process is legal and hassle-free. Discover the importance of permits, the application process, and the benefits of hiring a professional arborist to manage your tree care needs effectively.

Seven Signs of Hazardous Trees

Trees are vital to our environment, but hazardous trees can pose significant safety risks. In our latest blog post, we detail the seven critical signs to watch for. Understanding these signs helps prevent accidents and maintain a safe landscape.

Don’t Try to Tame Fast-Growing Pioneers

Here's what you should know about fast-growing pioneer species in your landscaping. Fast-growing pioneer trees play a crucial role in urban landscapes, but managing them can be challenging. Learn how Arborist Now can help you select, plant, and maintain these resilient species to ensure a healthy and beautiful urban environment. Discover the benefits and considerations of integrating pioneer trees into your landscape with expert guidance from our team.

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