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How to Follow Up With a Customer

How To Follow Up With a Customer

Following up with a customer is essential for good relationships with your client base.

Here are some tips and tricks for doing it well!

Create E-mails That Your Customer Will Actually Read

Many times, people will skim or avoid reading an e-mail because it is formatted in a clunky or awkward way.

When you e-mail your customer after a job is completed, this is a perfect opportunity to open lines of communication and possibly land another contract. Therefore, how much of your e-mail the customer reads is essential.

Spacing – No one wants to read a huge block of text. Utilize indentation and double spacing to break up large chunks of words.

Inverted pyramid – This is a tactic used in journalism that can work well for e-mails as well. Start with the most important information first (the “gist”) with all the necessary points. The filler information can come after, making an inverted pyramid of sorts so the reader retains the essential information if they only skim the first sentence or two.

Subheadings – Using headers and sub-headers can be helpful to direct the reader to a certain topic or idea they might be interested in and can organize your ideas and points nicely.

Use fonts that are easy to read and stick to a standard font size of 11 for maximum readability.

Crafting an Effective Follow-Up Email or Phone Call

Do not underestimate the power of following up. Here are some tips to make the follow-up e-mail or call effective.

1. When the job is done, inform the client, and then thank your customer for the business. Thanking them is crucial.

2. Encourage feedback from them. Is there anything you can do better in the future?

3. Ask if they need any work done in the future. This is a great way to garner more business.

4. Encourage them to share your business with their friends if they like the job you did.

5. Provide them with an incentive by coming up with a deal or a promotion that will save them money for future jobs you do.

These are just a few ideas! How do you follow up with your clients when a job is done? What you do find works best?

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