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Working as a Sales Manager in the Landscaping Business

Working as a Sales Manager in the Landscaping Business

If you are interested in becoming a sales manager, or simply wanting to learn more about what they do, you have come to the right place. We are going to be diving into the life of a sales manager, as well as offering you some opportunities to become one yourself.

First let’s talk about what a sales manager is, to see if it would be something you are interested in and qualified for.

What is a Sales Manager?

So, what is a sales manager ?

This job mostly entails coaching and leading a team of salespeople for a company. For landscaping businesses specifically, this could include selling goods like weed killers or mowers, or the services the company offers such as mowing, tree care, and pest control.

The sales manager will typically have tasks including setting quotas, mentoring the salespeople on their team, assigning sales territories, assigning proper sales training, handling hiring/firing for sales, and building an appropriate sales plan .

For extremely large companies, sales plans/quotas may be set at an even higher level than sales manager. In those cases, the sales manager would simply make sure their team carried out the plan and quotas set for them.

As for salaries , it really is going to vary depending on the part of the country you work in, as well as the company you work for. Typically this type of career will bring in anywhere from 30k to 120k per year.

For requirements needed, this is also going to be something that varies depending on the company. Most of the time they will want previous experience in customer service, management, and with being a good leader. Being passionate about sales is vitally important, as well as the ability to connect to others and lead a team well.

If you are someone who connects well with people, both customers and internal employees, this is a great field to go into. The best sales manager will maintain strong relationships with both clientele and the employees they work with, for, and above.

Being a Sales Manager in the Landscaping Business

Being a great sales manager in the landscaping business does require all of the same qualities and features that you would need in any other field, but there are some other things to note as well.

Having a good grasp and knowledge on the landscaping industry is an absolute must for this job. Knowing the ins and outs of the business will ensure that you know how to sell products and services to the customers coming to this company with their money.

Being passionate about the green industry in general will be helpful to you as well. By knowing all you can about the business, you will be able to persuade your sales team to match your passion and excitement as well. Just like with any other position in this industry, it is so important to love what you do and the idea of beautifying the earth.

Knowing about the work and detail that goes into landscaping projects will also allow you to identify potential clients and jobs more quickly. Part of your job as a landscape sales manager will require you to know when a good opportunity comes along for your company.

If you are still with us so far, and think this may be the ideal job for you, read on. We have an opportunity you are not going to want to miss!

Want to Become One?

If you are reading these descriptions of the job and thinking it’s for you, you are in luck! Arborist Now has an amazing job opportunity for becoming a sales manager that you can apply for today .

We are looking for someone innovative, assertive, and highly motivated to secure municipal/government contracts as well as large corporate contracts. This person is also responsible for driving the relationship development functions in the Bay Area.

On top of that, we are looking for someone who is able to build extremely strong, long-lasting relationships with our clientele, and this refers to both new and existing relationships.

Producing professional communications and proposals for clientele and internal reports from proposals is vital. You will also need to be able to review and understand specifications and contract documentation as needed.

Lastly, you will need to be able to identify profitable commercial tree and landscape opportunities, and maintain all leads, prospective clients, and related information in CRM software.

We offer an extremely competitive salary as well as an aggressive commission structure with great benefits and a 401k plan. You are provided with a company car and a computer, and there is phone expenses allotted for your work as well.

We are so excited to hear from you! If you are up to the challenge, apply for our sales manager position today. Become a part of a strong, amazing team that works hard to take the best possible care of trees and beautify the earth every single day.

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