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How to Mow Safely Underneath Your Trees

How to Mow Safely Underneath Your Trees

If you are the one in charge of mowing the lawn at your house, you probably dread mowing around your trees.

No matter what type of mower you are working with, trees can be difficult to maneuver around and make pretty. Depending on the roots and what is surrounding the trees, it can actually be hard to cut the grass in those areas as well.

Let’s discuss the potential issues you could come across when mowing underneath your trees, as well as how you can combat those issues and mow properly.

Potential Issues with Mowing Underneath Trees

So, what are the potential dangers and issues with mowing the grass underneath your trees?

The first thing to consider is that your lawn mower and/or trimmer can actually cause serious damage to your trees if you are not careful. If the machine cuts into the tree, it can actually chip away at its surface and lower the tree’s defenses. Meaning, that tree pests and diseases will then have an easier time harming it.

Another thing to consider is the danger of mowing over the roots of the tree . Doing this can cause your lawn mower’s blades to tear and damage them. Since adult trees only have a few major roots, damaging any of them can have a lasting effect on the whole tree.

The bark of your trees can be irreversibly damaged as well. If your mower or trimmer dents/removes the bark from the trees, it is depriving the tree in question of vitally important nutrients. It can also cause enough damage over time for the tree to fall over and create a safety hazard for your home and yard.

So, what do you do? How do you mow without causing serious tree damage? Let’s discuss our top tips and tricks.

How to Properly Mow Underneath Trees

Here are some easy ways to ensure that your mowing is not negatively affecting the trees in your landscaping.

  • Clear away all rocks, sticks, branches, and other debris before mowing your yard. This will help you avoid damaging your mower and will also stop anything from ricocheting off of the blades and the bark of the trees.

  • Don’t mow right up to the trunk of the tree. Doing this could cause the root and bark damage that we mentioned previously. Instead, designate about 3-5 feet around the tree to be free of mowing. For the grass in that area, cut it by hand or put mulch around the tree so nothing needs to be cut.

  • Don’t install edging around the trees in your yard. It can actually interfere with the roots and stop them from growing.

Following these tips will help your trees stay alive and healthy, while also keeping your lawn looking good throughout the year.

If you do have additional questions regarding tree safety and mowing in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Arborist Now today for more assistance!

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