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The Top 6 Most Common Tree Issues & How to Solve Them

The Top 6 Most Common Tree Issues & How to Solve Them

As you probably know, there are many, many different pests and diseases that can plague your trees. We are going to be looking at six of the most common tree issues and how you can easily solve them.

The Soil is Compacted

Our first extremely common issue to consider is the fact that your trees may be growing in compacted soil.

Since you most likely spend a lot of time outside, especially if you have kids, your soil is being compacted by the playing, walking, running, etc. Your soil is getting quite a bit of foot traffic, on top of any heavy machinery like lawn mowers or construction projects that may be going on.

Also, if you have a newer house, a lot of soil compaction will have occured during the building on your home.

Why is this an issue? Compacted soil actually leads to restricted root growth (which we will discuss in more depth later), as well as crushed roots, and/or stressed soil.

There are some fairly simple solutions to this problem, luckily. By manually loosening the soil, you are reducing the compaction and strain on your trees and their roots.

You can simply mix in organic matter to loosen up the compacted soil, or you can try vertical mulching , which replaces the soil in the root zone.

There are also some simple ways to prevent this from happening in the future as well, here are some solutions.

Lack of Nutrients

Next on our list is your trees simply not getting the nutrients that they need to grow and thrive correctly. With natural trees in the forest, trees are given additional nutrients from the decomposing leaves that aren’t swept away. Since most people rake away debris in their yards, your trees aren’t able to get those natural nutrients that seep into the soil.

To solve this, you will simply have to add food to the soil for your trees.

Know when you should be fertilizing your trees, and make sure that you do it. Also make sure that you are mulching your trees properly , because the organic mulch will break down and provide your trees with nutrients.


Another very common issue are pests that will take advantage of any weakness your trees have.

If you have trees that are already stressed, pests may target them specifically. Stress in trees can be caused by being planted in a bad location, no access to nutrients, no water, etc. Keeping your tree happy and healthy will also help to keep pests away.

Be aware of any pests and tree diseases, and keep a sharp eye out for them. Treat any issues as early as you can to make sure the problem is completely taken care of. Also make sure to take note of our other common tree issues on this list so your tree isn’t stressed or starved for nutrients.

If you are unsure of what the proper treatment is for the pest in question, contact us or your favorite local arborist for advice.

Man-Made Damage

Any big machines like lawn mowers, weed eaters, and string trimmers can accidentally damage tree trunks. When trees do get hurt by lawn equipment or other machines, it can actually interrupt the trees’ spread of nutrients and water.

To solve this issue, check on your trees regularly. If you see any noticeable damage, make sure to contact an expert to receive the proper treatment for the issue.

Natural Damage

The same goes for any damage from wildlife or other aspects of nature.

Deer and rabbits can cause serious damage to your shrubs and trees, and precautions should be taken to keep them away from your landscaping.

This also applies for intense storms and/or rainfall. If you have trees that are damaged, make sure to prune them properly or hire a professional to do so.

No Space to Grow

The last issue we are going to tackle today is the roots of your trees running out of space.

As trees grow, their roots expand as well. If the location of the tree is poorly planned, it can cause serious issues when the roots begin to stretch.

By properly feeding your tree, watering the tree correctly , and doing all you can to improve the health of their soil, you will also be familiar enough with the tree to spot any problem roots. If you have some that have the potential to cause some serious damage or issues, contact a professional arborist for advice.

Basically, it is important to be very mindful of your trees and the needs that they have. If you see anything unusual or dangerous, contact a professional as early as you can. Nothing is more important than keeping you safe and your trees healthy!

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