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Taking Care of Your Evergreen Christmas Tree in a Warm Climate

Taking Care of Your Evergreen Christmas Tree in a Warm Climate

Having a beautiful, live evergreen Christmas tree is a wonderful part of the holiday season. However, not everyone lives in a climate where that kind of tree thrives. How should you take care of your Christmas tree if you live in a warm climate ?

Here are our top tips and tricks for making sure your tree looks beautiful and fresh throughout the whole Christmas season.

1. Choose an Evergreen Tree That Can Thrive in a Warmer Climate

There are certain evergreen options that actually do very well in a warmer climate. Choosing one of these trees will ensure that they look great longer, and won’t suffer in the warmer weather.

A Scotch Pine can do really well in a warm climate. It has extremely strong needle retention, meaning that you shouldn’t have to deal with too much shedding throughout the holiday season. The needles also stay green in any condition, even when a little dry.This tree also has the wonderful classic Christmas tree shape – typically you won’t have any abnormalities with a Scotch Pine.

This tree is one of the few that can thrive in warm temperatures, and it’s one of the best options for those living in the southern parts of the United States.

A Virginia Pine is also an excellent choice. It is another favorite for the southern part of the country because of its ability to hold on to its leaves, and it does well in warm weather and when dry.

Lastly, a White Pine will also do better when it’s warm, but you will have to remember to water these on a regular basis. If the tree isn’t watered, it will turn brown and look unseemly.

2. Buy a Tree Early

If you can, look into buying your tree in advance. An extra month or two even would be sufficient, as you will have the first pick of the fresh, green Christmas tree options.

When you wait to shop around until right before the holiday season, you may end up with choices that aren’t as appealing. A lot of customers try and get their tree early, so make it a priority as soon as you can.

3. Run Your Fingers Through the Tree Needles

When you go to a local tree farm or find a Christmas tree sale, make sure to run your fingers through the needles of the trees you are considering. This will allow you to figure out whether or not the tree is too dry to put in your home.

If the tree is too dry, it won’t survive a very long time as a decoration. You want to find a tree with vibrant, green needles, as it will last months that way.

Also consider that dry needles could be a fire hazard , especially with Christmas lights being draped over them. Rather than risk a home fire from your tree, make sure you pick one with needles that aren’t falling off. 

4. Cut and Water Your Tree

Once you have chosen the perfect Christmas tree and brought it home, you are going to want to give it a straight cut about 1-2 inches into the trunk . Cutting off that bottom part and then placing it in a bucket of warm water will keep it fresh and more lively looking.

We recommend doing this as soon as you possibly can, because it can affect the tree’s health if not done in a timely manner. This is because the cut part of the trunk is directly exposed to air, which can have negative effects on the tree over time.

5. Consider Making or Buying a Christmas Tree Preservative

Adding a liquid preservative to the Christmas tree will help the water of the tree become a little more acidic, and also assists the tree in absorbing more water. On top of that, it disinfects the tree, which stops it from growing any algae.

It is a good idea to root the tree in this mixture until it is ready to be in your living room – before this point, keep the tree in a shaded and protected place to avoid any wind or sun damage.

You can either purchase Christmas tree preservative online , or make your own .

All you need to make it yourself is:

– 1 gallon of water

– 2 cups of light corn syrup

– 4 teaspoons of chlorine bleach

– 4 teaspoons of lemon juice

To create the substance, you simply mix all of the ingredients together and put the solution in a container to set the tree in. If you need to store the solution, it can be kept at room temperature in a closed container for about 5 days, or refrigerated for two weeks.

Our Final Thoughts on Taking Care of Your Tree in a Warm Climate

No matter what your weather is like, you should have a happy, healthy Christmas tree with these tips. Feel free to contact us if you do have any tree-related questions this holiday season, we are happy to assist!

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