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Yard and Landscaping Services for San Francisco Residents

Yard and Landscaping Services for San Francisco Residents

Arborist Now offers top rated landscaping and tree care services in San Francisco, including shrub and bush care, tree pruning, planting, mulching, yard upkeep, and more. At Arborist Now, we will ensure that your landscape is treated with care and expertise.

Landscape Refurbishment

Your property’s landscape is a crucial expression of your commercial or residential space to the rest of the world. Keeping your landscape beautiful and well-maintained is essential when it comes to enticing buyers in the market, or achieving the perfect look for your dream home.

Landscapes are living, breathing creations, the elements of which are constantly changing and growing. Unlike more permanent structures such as stone walls or pathways, a landscape requires consistent, seasonal refurbishment to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

The professionals at Arborist Now are highly skilled in all areas of landscape and tree services in San Francisco. Our refurbishment services include corrective pruning, lawn edging, mulching, weed control, strategic plant installation, and more.

Landscape refurbishment is particularly useful as the weather changes. Each season brings its own unique set of challenges to landscapes. Autumn requires foliage clean-up and plant bed protection for the coming winter. In the spring, lawn clean-up of winter debris, plant bed edging, and preventive weed control are all services recommended by Arborist Now. Our experts can help bring your property through all of the seasons while looking its best.

Landscape Maintenance

A lot of thought and care goes into creating the perfect outdoor space. Tree selection, space maximization, flower selection, and hardscape constructions are just a few elements that landscapers must take into consideration. Once a beautiful landscape has been achieved, it requires routine maintenance and upkeep to sustain its aesthetic appeal.

If you are a property owner with a beautiful landscape in need of maintenance, consider Arborist Now. Our experts offer crucial services such as yard cleaning in San Francisco, and will work with you to build a comprehensive plan and ensure your unique needs are met year-round.

Arborist Now can handle your complete lawn care services or simply perform special services on an as-needed basis to keep your property looking great throughout the year. We offer a wide range of maintenance services that are available for both residential and commercial properties. Our experienced maintenance teams set the highest standard every day in services such as weed control, pruning, irrigation management, and maintenance.

Hedge and Shrub Pruning

Whether you need one-time trimming or repeat seasonal care, Arborist Now will maintain your hedges and shrubs exquisitely. Our hedge and shrub pruning service in San Francisco and surrounding areas is available for residential and commercial property owners.

Pruning is an important practice for arborists and gardeners for many different reasons. Investing in expert pruning services is especially crucial for property owners with hedge structures or many trees on their land. Pruning can help you maximize space, encourage healthy growth in your trees, and accomplish a particular aesthetic.

Below are the main reasons to consider pruning:

  • Aesthetic Pruning: Trimming and pruning for the purpose of creating and maintaining specific shapes and heights. There is a wide variety of aesthetic pruning methods.
  • Practical Pruning: Removing limbs and branches that have grown in the way of important or potentially dangerous structures, such as power lines and walkways.
  • Productive Pruning: Removing excess limbs and branches so that the tree can focus energy on other areas. This is especially utilized for fruit trees. For example, growers often productively prune apple trees so that they can produce more apples.

Most pruning takes place in the spring and early summer, so plan in advance to ensure the plants on your property are given the attention they need. All kinds of trees can benefit from Arborist Now’s expert pruning, including fruit trees, woody ornamentals, evergreens, and shrubs. Trust your hedge and tree care needs to Arborist Now’s professional attention!

Hedge and Shrub Care

Hedges and shrubs play many different roles in landscape. These robust plant structures consist of shrubs that are planted in lines or shapes and woven together to create walls or barriers. However, they require specific care and maintenance to ensure they remain orderly.

There are many reasons to consider growing and caring for hedges. A sturdy hedge can transform an unkempt outdoor space into a whimsical garden room. A hedge can line a walkway or entrance to create a stately atmosphere, or it can provide privacy and security in your backyard. They can act as windbreaks for delicate gardens and crops. Hedges can even help the local birds and other wildlife thrive by providing durable shelter, appealing nesting sites, and nourishment such as insects and berries.

No matter what role your hedges and shrubs play in your outdoor design, Arborist Now has the skills and knowledge to maintain them and keep them in top form throughout the year.

Artistic Hedge Pruning 

For many gardeners and arborists, the appearance of trees and plants is critical to their specific aesthetic vision. Artistic pruning is an essential art in accomplishing that vision, and the experts at Arborist Now are well-versed in many different methods of artistic pruning. Our experts offer quality tree pruning in San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Artistic pruning may seem difficult or complicated to the untrained eye, but our professionals are skilled in trimming and shaping plants into attractive forms that enhance commercial and residential properties. Shrubs, trees, hedges, vines, and evergreens can all be artistically pruned to improve any landscape’s overall appearance.

There are several different methods of artistic pruning. Below are some of the techniques our skilled arborists can help you accomplish:


  • This method involves pruning and training trees – usually fruit trees, such as apple or pear – to grow flat against a surface such as a wall, fence, or trellis. The espalier method can help arborists maximize their space, which is especially helpful for orchards where many fruit trees often grow in close quarters. Aesthetically, espaliered trees can look visually striking and provide a beautiful artistic focal point.

  • This method involves removing a tree’s upper branches, which enables the tree to quickly grow a dense crown of foliage and new branches. Historically, pollarding was utilized to encourage trees to produce new wood consistently. The new branches from pollarded trees could be used for fuel and other purposes. Today, pollarding is often a viable method for arborists who wish to contain their trees’ growth, and is used frequently in urban areas where space is limited.


  • Coppicing is a form of pruning which is primarily used for wood production. Many trees produce shoots when they are cut down to stumps, so coppicing involves routinely cutting these trees down to stumps to encourage shoot growth. The shoots can then be harvested for fuel and other wood needs.


      • Pleaching involves planting trees in a straight line and routinely weaving their branches together to create a thick barrier. The result is an orderly fence or hedge-like structure of trees. This method was especially popular in European 17th and 18th-century garden design, where rows of pleached trees would often mark entrances or majestic walkways. Pleaching involves a lot of upkeep and maintenance, but the aesthetic impact can be very worthwhile.

      • Perhaps the most well-known form of pruning, topiary is the art of trimming trees and shrubs into particular shapes. This method involves great skill and patience in clipping and trimming a plant into a clearly defined shape. Once accomplished, topiaries are an instant focal point to any landscape.

      Arborist Now takes pride in every branch we trim and every tree we prune. As a residential and commercial tree service in Millbrae, we are a meticulous group of tree specialists who are passionate about what we do. Contact Arborist Now today for yard maintenance services in San Francisco and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you to keep every element of your landscape beautiful and healthy!

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