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You Never Know When Summer Storms Will Strike!

You Never Know When Summer Storms Will Strike!  

Though a severe summer storm cannot be stopped, you can take preventive steps to protect your trees from extensive damage during another storm.

Typical summertime images –  backyard barbecues –  baseball games – weekends at the beach or pool. Typical summertime sounds – fireworks – lawn mowers – children’s laughter after sundown. Alas, there is another warm weather event – the very real and dramatic summer storm. We are awed by the images and startled by the sounds; then we survey any damage to your landscape from its fury. Many of us probably remember particularly strong summer storms from the past. Your neighborhood was without power, roof shingles were scattered over lawns like fall foliage and towering trees were torn down. Here are five tips to protect your trees from summer storms.

Thinning the Canopy

Thinning the top of a tree reduces wind sail, allowing wind to blow through the tree. This type of pruning should only be done by a certified arborist experienced with correct and safe pruning methods.

Adding Extra Support

Installing support cables for large trees provides strength and minimizes storm damage. Cables and bracing rods help to redistribute the tree’s structural weight and provide extra support to weak spots. The experts at Arborist Now can help you determine if your tree could benefit from cabling and bracing.

Pruning Dead Branches

Diseased or dead branches break easily. Potential targets are everywhere on your property. Pruning will minimize falling branches during a storm that can cause damage to people or property.

Lightning Protection

Trees provide a perfect conduit for lightning to strike the ground. A lightning protection system is a reliable and inconspicuous way to protect valuable trees or those close to a home or other structure.

Contend with Tree Cavities

Cavities are weak spots in the trunk of a tree that can compromise its overall strength. New procedures are used to ameliorate the problem without further injuring the tree. If you notice a cavity in your tree, give us a call and we can determine the best method to handle the problem.

Losing large trees is a costly problem – fortunately, these preemptive measures help protect your trees when Mother Nature is at her worst.

Give Arborist Now a call for all of your tree pruning, trimming or any other tree care services. For over 10 years Arborist Now has been providing San Francisco residential and commercial property owners with their tree care needs. We will be there to help you weather the next time summer storms take center stage.

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