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From Upcycling to Crafting: Arborist Now’s Unwavering Dedication to Sustainable Excellence

Evolution of Arborist Now: Integrating Sustainable Milling into Tree Care Excellence

Set within the lively tapestry of San Francisco, Arborist Now embodies both sustainability and superior craftsmanship. Our evolution is marked by a strong commitment to innovation and a profound respect for the artisanal legacy of woodwork—a tale we've continued to write since our founding in 2010. Arborist Now, the pioneering tree care company, expanded its horizons in 2019 with the establishment of Arbor Upcycle, a milling division aimed at repurposing wood waste into exquisite creations.

When we first “rolled out” Arbor Upcycle, our goal was to redefine the wood retail sector with exceptional artistry and an unshakeable dedication to environmental responsibility. Our vision was to pay homage to our oldest living residents, the trees. From locations inside the city limits of San Francisco to the surrounding Bay Area these trees are what have sculpted our identity and directed every step along our path toward sustainable excellence. 

Today, Arborist Now seamlessly integrates both facets of our vision under one banner, symbolizing a holistic approach as arborists and craftsmen from forest floor to finished product.

The Natural Progression to Arbor Upcycle

In 2018, Arborist Now embraced a pivotal moment in its growth with the introduction of Arbor Upcycle. This initiative was a deliberate, strategic extension of our longstanding commitment to sustainability. It represented a significant step in our evolution as we began to repurpose wood waste into durable, beautiful pieces, reinforcing our dedication to environmental stewardship and our community's heritage. This was not just for the San Francisco community but also a tribute to the city's urban forestry heritage.

Sleek Wooden Garden Bench

Redwood canted bench milled and rough cut for Collecting Flowers. Project in San Francisco.

Shaping Our Focus: The Green Timber Revelation

From 2018 to 2023, Arbor Upcycle forged a niche in the Bay Area, thriving as a wood retailer. However, we soon realized our greater purpose lay elsewhere. Green timber refers to freshly cut wood that has not yet been dried or cured, retaining its natural moisture content and offering unique qualities for bespoke outdoor designs. An urge to amplify what we offered and optimize our business pushed us to refine our focus. 

The realization crystallized through interactions with discerning clients, particularly those in high-end landscape architecture and design, who sought out the uniqueness of green timber for luxury outdoor projects.

Artisanal Madrone Wood Bench and Stump Table

Canted Madrone bench and stump table for outdoor project.

Reaching New Peaks in Sustainability

In early 2023, Arborist Now celebrated a landmark achievement by fully integrating Arbor Upcycle into our core operations, a move that has streamlined our processes and reinforced our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

Geometric Redwood Blocks

Redwood equilateral triangle blocks made on custom jig for the Woodmizer

Arborist Now and Beyond

Arborist Now stands as a living narrative of our progress and transformation. Our pledge to nurturing the Bay Area’s trees and greenery remains unwavering since we began our venture as arborists over a decade ago. This commitment has fostered prolonged relationships with our clientele, all while maintaining our pursuit of excellence and innovation that has fueled us from inception.

Sturdy Eucalyptus Stair Treads

Eucalyptus stair treads for ORCA project in San Francisco

As Arborist Now strides into the future, our unwavering commitment to nurturing San Francisco’s urban forest and championing sustainable craftsmanship remains our guiding star. Fully integrating Arbor Upcycle into our fold signifies more than a milestone—it is a pledge to a future where every repurposed timber not only shares a piece of our story but also furthers a legacy of harmonious sustainability and artistic excellence.

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