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How to Avoid Water Erosion and Runoff in Your Landscaping

How to Avoid Water Erosion and Runoff in Your Landscaping

Water erosion and runoff can cause some serious damage in your landscaping, and fixing the issues can get a little pricey and complicated.

First, let’s talk about what runoff and water erosion are and the damage they can cause to your landscape. Then we will talk about reasonable, affordable ways to avoid the issue.

What is Runoff?

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So, what is runoff?

It is a type of water flow that leads to erosion and only happens when your soil is unable to hold any additional moisture, either because it is too saturated or its absorption is slower than the water coming in.

Sometimes this happens during heavy storms, when snow melts, or even from too much watering.

The extra water that isn’t evaporated along the way will end up in another body of water – this could include the ocean, rivers, streams, ponds, etc. When this happens, the water will typically pick up different pollutants along the way, like herbicides, pesticides, etc. This is bad for the environment (and your landscape) and should be avoided as much as possible.

Lastly, runoff from your yard can also carry sediment into your neighbor’s properties or even the water supply.

What is Water Erosion?

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Now that you know what runoff is, let’s talk about water erosion.

Erosion is what happens when soil and rock are removed from an area and deposited into a different spot. It creates beautiful, natural sights like the Grand Canyon, but also leads to the loss of nutrient-dense soil, disruption of ecosystems, and other environmental issues.

For homeowners, erosion can put yards and homes at risk, especially with hills and sloped yards.

Top Ways to Avoid Water Erosion and Runoff in Your Landscaping

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So, what can you do to prevent runoff and erosion in your landscaping safely, reasonably, and at a decent price? Here are some great options.

Create More Usable Outdoor Space

One option that does wonders for erosion and runoff is by creating more usable outdoor space in your landscaping. Depending on the size of your property, this may be more doable for a larger yard.

Pair useful retaining walls with patios, outdoor rooms, pavilions, and other outdoor structures and/or hardscaping.

Install Better Drainage

Another great way to avoid excess water from becoming a problem is by ensuring that your landscaping has the proper drainage.

With different aesthetics and landscaping designs, you may want to consider your options when it comes to drainage. Here are some of them:

  • Add a rain garden to your landscaping
  • Have a small creek bed running through your property
  • Create a drainage plan
  • Add an underground drainage pipe
  • Create a dry well

Install Pavers

To prevent erosion with a sloping or steep driveway, installing pavers is an ideal option. Not only will this handle the extra water, but it will also beautify your home and provide a surface that is slip-resistant.

Use Native Plants in Your Landscaping

Lastly, you should consider using native plants in your landscaping. Native plants are ones that are indigenous to a certain geographical area.

These plants support biodiversity and life and do a lot to conserve water and soil. In addition to that, they are able to fix quite a few environmental problems.

Hiring Landscapers to Assist with Avoiding Water Erosion and Runoff

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When it comes to ensuring that water erosion and runoff are not a part of your landscaping, it’s best to let professionals assist you in the process.

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to contact Homescape Now for help today!

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