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Our Top Ideas for Landscaping in Small Spaces

Our Top Ideas for Landscaping in Small Spaces

If you have a small yard, it can seem really disheartening when you think about landscaping your space. We’re here to show you that it is possible, and it can look absolutely fantastic without overexerting yourself!

We have ten different ideas for making your small yard the envy of all of your neighbors, and some can even be easily mixed and matched to create a more unique look as well.

Creating Tiny “Zones” in Your Backyard

Even though this may seem counterproductive, taking a smaller yard and dividing it up into even smaller sections is a great way to create more space in your landscaping.

Basically, creating different zones in your yard allows you to make each part of your yard functional. You can have a section set up for your children with slides and swings, an eating area with tables and chairs, and a gardening area with plants and flowers. You can section them off any way you like, which really helps you make the backyard your own.

Having different useful parts of your yard will make it seem larger, simply because it is accomplishing so much in a small amount of space.

Plan Your Colors Effectively

If you are someone who really enjoys bright colors, this is a great idea for your landscaping.

Bright and vibrant plants and flowers create a focal point for your eyes to naturally be drawn to. This will in turn distract your guests from noticing that your yard is small, because you have filled the area with pretty and interesting plants. Whether you have a rainbow of different flowers across the area, or one specific space in the yard with a bright color, it is sure to be noticed by all who see it.

Not sure which plants are best? Here’s a great reference for choosing vibrant flowers and plants for any home.

Outdoor Rooms

One of our favorite ways to make the most out of the space you have is building outdoor rooms .

Even if it’s an incredibly tiny outdoor kitchen, or living room, or bar, etc.. It still gives your backyard more purpose and function, and will make both your yard and your home seem larger because of it.

This is definitely a tip that will take more than an afternoon to put together, but it is an investment that could make a big difference in your backyard. If it is something you decide you want to do, you are able to get very creative with it. There really aren’t any limits to creating an outdoor room as long as you have the funding and planning for it.

Window Boxes

If you are really passionate about having flowers in your backyard, making or purchasing window boxes is a great way to add more of them to the space.

Window boxes are fairly easy to make or can be purchased online , and can hold a multitude of flowers to give your yard more color and beauty. You can also use window boxes for tiny herb gardens or other plants to save space as well.

Vertical Gardening

Another great way to save space on the ground is making vertical gardens .

You can do this on the walls of your house, on a fence or wall, or even on shelves or upright pallets.

Some of our favorite examples are hanging up an old, big picture frame and planting succulents inside. That way they are contained in an aesthetically pleasing border and make a nice shape. We also really like recycling old ladders to make one as well.

The possibilities are endless, and it is such a great way to recycle old household objects into something beautiful.

Create a Focal Point

If you simply don’t have space (or don’t want to) have several different zones throughout your yard, this is a smaller-scale solution.

Have one spot in your yard that the eye is naturally drawn to. Whether it’s a bird bath surrounded by flowers, an outdoor swing on a tree, a small garden, eating area, etc, have one area that you work hard to maintain and keep looking nice.

This is a great option because it keeps your yard looking neat and groomed, it allows you to simply focus on one spot instead of the entire backyard.

Skip the Lawn Altogether

If you are worried about balancing having a well-kept lawn and being able to have diverse plants and gardens, consider ditching the grass altogether. 

Having a less uniform backyard filled with a variety of plants of your choosing is definitely a more daring and unique look, and a great way to fit everything in easily. Unsure about it? Here’s some inspiration.

Raised Garden Beds

Another option for getting your garden off of the ground is to make or purchase raised garden beds. These are essentially big, open tables with walls and drainage to grow plants in. They are fantastic for saving space, as well as protecting your new plants from animals and small children.

They are fairly easy to make yourself , as they are simply a table with a drain and short walls to keep the dirt in. However, if you are not interested in making one, you can buy one online easily as well.

Add Walls and Fencing

Whether you are interested in keeping small critters and/or neighbors out of your backyard, or simply want some additional decor in your backyard, a fence or walls make a great addition to any landscaped area.

Fencing comes in many different styles and can be made of many different materials , so it can look however you want it to.

A small wall can also be really helpful for several of the other tips on our list. You can use them to help build your vertical garden, or even to block off the different zones of your yard. The possibilities are endless!

Don't Forget Your Front Yard

Last but not least, you don’t want to forget your front yard when landscaping the back. Your front entryway is the first part of your home that guests will see, and it should look beautiful – no matter how small that part of your yard is.

Make sure that you have a clear path, and your guests have lighting to ensure that they get to the front door safely. Have a variety of plants, bushes, and flowers to welcome anyone coming over into your home. Use your unique style to create an entryway that you can be proud of! You don’t need space to create a beautiful environment.

We hope that these ten ideas for small landscaping were helpful to you as you plan your own yards. It can be a challenging task to make your tiny backyard look how you want it to, but with some time and effort, we are sure you will have landscaping you can be proud of.

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