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Stayin’ Alive (All Winter Long)

It’s late fall and Thanksgiving is almost here! And your houseplants are not as happy as they were during the warm months. Yes, this happens every year . . . lifeless yellowing leaves and an untidy appearance.

Though the winter is hard on indoor plants, here are a few tips to help your plants regain vitality and keep them alive during the cold months.

5 Easy Tips to Keep Houseplants Alive in Winter 

Cut back the water and fertilizer

All houseplants require less water in winter. Yellowing leaves and soil mold are all symptoms of too much winter watering. Overwatering is always a danger, but especially so during the winter. Make sure your pots do not stay too wet, your plants will be happier. Decrease watering frequency in half or simply water when they look thirsty. And do not fertilize, it is not necessary during winter months..


Freshen your plant a gentle shower

Did you know that dust inhibits a plant’s ability to photosynthesize, especially large tropical plants? As plants need all the light they can get at this time of year, so when you water again, grab a paper towel and lightly wash the entire plant. To make the task easier, place the plants in the bathtub and turn on the shower with light pressure.

Look out for window drafts

Many plants, especially tropical ones, are sensitive to cold air. They drop leaves significantly from drafty conditions. Make sure your windows and doors are sealed and insulated. If not possible, move the plants out of reach from those drafty areas such as windowsills and doorways


Sunlight is your plant’s best friend

All plants need sun. If your windows do not expose enough sun, try replacing incandescent bulbs with full spectrum lights in the nearest fixture. Or, if your room has very limited light, why not use grow lights?

Repot when it gets warm, but pruning is okay

Winter is not the time to repot your plant. That new pot you found at the nursery is fabulous, but your plant will be much happier if you wait until spring to transplant. Root growth is slow this time of year and soil in big pots stays wet longer, risking root rot and overwatering if you repot now. However, do not be afraid to prune back any leaves that turn yellow or brown or if the plant is “leggy”. Most likely there will not be much new growth until spring but pruning improves the plants appearance in the meantime.

If you have any additional questions about caring for your with indoor plants, especially over the winter, feel free to contact Homescape Now today for help! Our expert staff is available all year with valuable tips and suggestions to make your indoor garden efforts as successful and lovely as your outdoor display?

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