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Wrapping Lights Around Your Trees: The Do's and Don'ts

Wrapping Lights Around Your Trees: The Do’s and Don’ts

With Halloween and the upcoming winter holidays coming up, you may be tempted to hang up some decorations in your backyard to celebrate. We are here to share how to safely wrap lights around your trees, and what to avoid when doing so.

Many people like to wrap every inch of their trees with lights, and others just want something subtle. Either way, there are safety precautions to consider, and ways to do it that make your trees much happier.

What to Do When Putting Lights on Your Trees

Here are some of our tips for what you should do when wrapping lights around your outdoor trees.

If you are still trying to choose the tree you want to put lights on, make sure you choose a strong, mature one. Your more fragile or younger trees may break under the weight of the lights, or it could warp their growth.

To ensure that you have the proper amount of lights before you get started, you are going to want to do some measuring as well. First you will want to measure around the trunk of the tree to find the circumference, and then get a fairly accurate measurement of the height too. Decide how to space out your lights, and divide the height by that distance of space. Lastly, multiply the circumference to find out how many feet of lights you will end up needing.

Make sure that you choose lights that are built for the outdoors . If you don’t have the proper lights, this could lead to burns and damage on your trees.

When you first get started, make sure that you have secured an extension cord under the tree, and that it is not in a place where it can be pulled out or tripped on.

Use a ladder if the tree is especially tall, and we would advise not doing this alone. If you have a friend or family member spotting the ladder, there is less of a chance of an accident.

Make sure that you secure the lights along the way with electrical tape to ensure that they aren’t going to fall or unravel.

What Not to Do When Putting Lights on Your Trees

Don’t take any risks with the electrical aspects of this project. Make sure that you use the proper lights and a weatherproof light box to avoid any dangerous electrical situations.

Make sure that you don’t just leave the lights up for extended periods of time without checking on them and taking them off after the holidays. Lights that are tightly wrapped around trunks and branches, especially for younger trees, can cause damage and warped growth. It is also good to check them for burned out bulbs and to make sure they’re in good shape.

Don’t hang up the lights without any planning and idea of how much you need, and how you are going to wrap them. If you go into it without those plans in your head, you may end up with not enough lights, or an uneven look that you have to redo.

We don’t recommend attempting this task without wearing gloves. You may experience some splinters and scrapes as a result of a few hours in a tree.

Don’t use a staple gun or nail hooks to hang up and secure your lights. While they may seem more convenient than electrical tape, they can cause damage to your trees.

Lastly, don’t use just any lights that you find in the Christmas section of your local stores. Make sure that the lights are meant for the outdoors, but also that they are safe to lay on dry trees and completely waterproof. Here are some awesome choices if you aren’t sure where to start.

Final Thoughts on Outdoor Lighting for Your Trees

There is a lot to consider when it comes to wrapping your trees with lights for the upcoming holidays, but you will be happy you researched it first. Doing it correctly drastically minimizes the chances of any damage on your trees or issues with fire.

How do you wrap your trees this time of year?

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