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In Spite of COVID-19 and Wildfires, Autumn is Still Beautiful in Northern California

It has been a difficult six or seven months in California! Between COVID-19 and the devastating fires, residents, visitors, and tourists have had to endure uncertainty and changes in plans. The enjoyment of experiencing the magnificent autumn season seems to be on hold until next year, but here are a few suggestions you may possibly enjoy now but are a definite must do for the Fall of 2021.

For those East Coast transplants reminiscing about the beauty of Vermont this time of year, take a drive through Northern California. It is a marvelous place to view the array of fall colors that appear as the seasons change. Explore the miles and miles of forests, vineyards, and mountain ranges forming the perfect backdrop as autumn shows its beautiful hues in the Golden State. Here a just a few of the Northern California spots that have the best display of fall foliage.


Mammoth Lakes

The town of Mammoth Lakes is found in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Throughout the autumn season, the leaves turn a brilliant yellow and is a breathtaking sight to behold. In Mammoth Lakes you will find the Devils Postpile National Monument which protects the Devils Postpile formation. This geologic wonder ranks as one of the world’s best examples of columnar basalt which tower up to 60 feet with amazing symmetry. Be sure to visit the 101 foot high Rainbow Falls along the nearby San Joaquin River and take in pristine surrounding greenery. These places a beautiful year-round, but during the leaf changes taking place in the fall, the imagery is dreamlike.

Avenue of the Giants

The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway that runs through Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Drive up north to see the majestic redwoods change color along this highway. It is an amazing sight these huge trees in their fall splendor.

Plumas County

Plumas County puts on a real show during the fall season. Do not miss the brilliant leafy colors along Highway 89. Because its elevation is lower than the rest of the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, the autumn colors tend to last longer. More time to enjoy Mother Nature’s annual display.

Sugarloaf Ridge Park

Did you know that the pine needs of redwoods change colors? It is one of the unexpected things that make fall in Sugarloaf Ridge as it is not just the leaves that modify their appearance. Located in the Mayacamas Mountains, Sugarloaf Ridge Park is an enchanting locale to watch the delicate needles change color and fall to the earth in a virtuoso performance.

Autumn Napa

Napa Valley

The longest peak colors of the autumn season are found in the vineyards of Napa Valley. During the fall months, Napa Valley’s foliage is breathtaking. As the grapevines change with the season, they are transformed into the delightful color palettes. The vineyards become a vivid display of colors and textures – rich golds and deep garnets appear from treetops down to the lowest boughs as the weather turns cooler. Eventually gentle breezes shake the leaves to the ground creating a visual collage that is a feast for your eyes. Stop a moment for a glass of wine from one of the many wineries, take in the changing colors for a memorable afternoon.

Hope Valley

The autumn usually peaks in Hope Valley as early as mid-September, it may be a little late for this year to visit but mark your calendar for next year. The thick forests here create an intoxicating exhibit of captivating fall colors. On either the east side or the west side of Hope Valley - each location will not disappoint in its beauty. South Lake Tahoe, which is nearby, promises to an even more stunning setting as fall makes it grand entrance.

Arborist Now hopes that you found our list of the beautiful areas to visit in Northern California helpful. We hope you remain healthy and safe during these difficult time.

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