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Properly Watering Trees Throughout the Summer

Properly Watering Trees Throughout the Summer

With the hot summer months comes the need to make sure your trees are being watered deeply and sufficiently.

What steps do you need to take to ensure that your trees are properly hydrated this summer season? Here are our top tips for doing so.

What to Know About Watering Your Trees in the Summer


One thing to keep in mind is that both overwatering and underwatering your trees is extremely damaging to them. To avoid this, make sure your trees always have moist, but not drenched, soil. Typically this means the tree’s base of mulch being sprayed for around 30 seconds with a steady stream of water. Using mulch instead of other materials allows the area to retain more moisture as well.

Also, newly planted trees need to be watered immediately after they’ve been planted. For newer trees that have been planted within the past two years, they will be extremely sensitive to heat and drought. Make sure that you are paying special attention to these trees and giving them as much water as they need. Deep watering is typically best for them, meaning ensuring that the water reaches all the roots.

How to Check Your Soil’s Moisture Level


To make sure your trees actually need additional water, you should check your soil first. Doing this involves taking a garden trowel and inserting it into the ground to about 2-3 inches. Then, move the trowel back and forth a few times to create a fairly small and narrow trench. Take the trowel out at that point and feel the soil with your hands. If it’s moist, then it doesn’t need more water.

Your Area’s Climate


Depending on where you live, you may want to consider trees that are drought-tolerant or those that can handle wet conditions better. Find out what your hardiness zone is, and make sure you know what regular summer weather looks like for you.

Getting Help with Properly Watering Trees in Your Area

If you are finding it difficult to know what trees to plant in your area, or how to properly water your trees this summer, contact your local, trusted tree care specialists.

For those of you in the San Mateo/San Francisco Bay Area, consider contacting Arborist Now today for assistance with the trees in your landscaping.

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