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How to Utilize Your Small or Enclosed Patio Spaces

How to Utilize Your Small or Enclosed Patio Spaces

While you might not have room for an enormous patio, it’s easy to create your dream space with any outdoor hardscaped area. No matter how small the spot is, you can take steps to make it useful, beautiful, and perfect for your landscaping.

While you don’t have to integrate all of these tips into your patio, trying some of them out to see what works is a great way to experiment with your hardscaping.

Our Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Patio Space

Here are our top suggestions for utilizing your patio, no matter how small it might be.

1. Look at Your Patio Vertically, Not Horizontally

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While you may not be able to consider adding plants to your patio horizontally, you may be able to implement them vertically.

Vertical gardening can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be, and it’s fairly easy to get started. To get inspired, start by considering any nearby fences or walls to add plants to, or try out potted plants, a living wall, or a shelf of plants.

When planning out any vertical gardens, it’s vitally important to consider how they will be receiving water, either through irrigation or by hand, and also which plants will do best in that environment.

2. Consider Your Color Scheme

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Another aspect to consider while you are choosing plants, furniture, etc. is the color scheme. You can, of course, choose whatever you would like, but it should be noted that light colors are going to do a better job of opening up small spaces and making them look bigger.

If you decide to go with lighter plants, this can extend past just the flowers you choose. Consider choosing foliage that is pale green, or leaves/shrubs/trees that include a lot of white.

You can expand this to your hardscape as well! Consider choosing pavers of a lighter color, as well as fencing, walls, shelving, furniture, etc.

Lastly, choosing landscape lighting that highlights your hardscaping and plants well will make all the difference when it comes to your patio. Highlighting the best parts of the area will make the size so much less noticeable and important.

3. Drip Irrigation

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As mentioned before, especially with vertical gardening, it’s important to make sure you have your plant, shrub, and tree watering needs taken care of. While, yes, you can do all of this by hand, not everyone necessarily has the time for that.

Drip irrigation is another great option for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of time watering your landscaping.

4. Leave Open Space


While it may be tempting to over-utilize every inch of space on your patio, open space is another great way to make the area look bigger or more open as well. It’s especially a good idea if you have children who want to play in the area, or if you want a place to walk through, do yoga, etc.

Depending on what you want your patio to be used for, the amount of furniture, plants, and open space is going to vary. The most important thing is that you are happy with the end result.

Contact Professional Landscapers for Your Patio Landscaping Needs


Creating, arranging, and deciding on the specifics of your patio can get complicated and exhausting. If you are having trouble getting started, it may be time to get professional landscapers involved.

For those of you around the San Francisco Bay Area, Homescape Now can help you with any and all aspects of planning and creating the ideal landscape for your yard and your needs. Contact us today for more assistance!

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