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Why You Should Use Homescape Now for Your Edible Garden Needs in Piedmont, California

Why You Should Use Homescape Now for Your Edible Garden Needs in Piedmont, California

For those of you in Piedmont, California, you know that your area is beautiful and deserves to be well taken care of. The best part is, you can also very easily incorporate ways to make your life easier (and cheaper) into your landscaping.

Here’s why you should consider starting an edible garden, and why we are the best people for the job at Homescape Now. First things first, why should you consider an edible garden in Piedmont, California?

Why You Should Consider an Edible Garden in Piedmont

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What is an edible garden? Why should you consider one for your landscaping?

An edible garden is essentially one that contains plants, berries, seeds, flowers, and herbs that you can eat. It can be anything from a small herb garden in a window box or something massive that allows you to consume a multitude of fresh food from your landscaping.

So, what are the benefits of an edible garden?

  • You will save money by growing your own food – depending on what you decide to have in your garden, you can definitely decrease your grocery bill by quite a bit.
  • Your food will taste better. Anything you grow yourself will taste incredible compared to what you can purchase.
  • Your landscaping will look vibrant and beautiful. Choosing to landscape with a variety of plants, herbs, flowers, vegetables, etc. will ensure that your yard looks even better.

Why Homescape Now is the Best Choice for Assisting with an Edible Garden

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Now that you know the benefits of an edible garden, here’s why we think you choose Homescape Now to help you create yours.

How We Can Help with Installation

We are fully committed to providing you with the highest-quality design consultation for your edible garden, as well as the best installation. To do this, we use the best organic methods and work hard to provide you with local, organic plants and seeds as often as possible. On top of that, we use permaculture, restorative principles to make sure that we are creating healthy ecosystems in your landscaping.

No matter what size your yard is, or what amount of sun/shade you have, we can make an edible garden work and thrive.

Here’s what we can install:

  • Wooden or stone raised bed vegetable garden installations and planting. We have a variety of styles and materials to suit every taste.
  • Herb garden installations. An impressive selection of organic culinary and medicinal herbs for your kitchen herb garden.
  • Integrated edible landscape design and planting. Design matched for individual conditions that blend beautifully into existing ornamental landscapes. These plantings can include fruit trees, herbs, berry cultivation, pollinator habitats, and vegetable gardens.
  • Garden and potato towers. Efficient space savers particularly in an urban setting. It provides easier harvesting and higher yields.
  • Small greenhouses. A great way to enhance or extend your growing season. Easy to access and maintain.
  • Garden revival. Revamp an existing vegetable or herb garden restoring its health and productivity.

How We Can Help with Maintenance

In addition to helping you install your edible garden, we can also assist you with maintaining it as well!

We offer:

  • Spring garden bed cleanup including soil fertilization
  • Supplying seeds and plant starts throughout the season
  • Planting seeds and starts according to your planting plan
  • Soil fertility management with certified organic fertilizers and compost
  • Pest and disease control using a range of certified organic products
  • Scheduled garden bed weeding
  • Plant pruning, thinning and training for ideal growth/harvest
  • Fall garden bed cleanup including preparing beds for winter

Contacting Homescape Now for Your Edible Garden in Piedmont, California

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Once you have decided to take the plunge and add an edible garden to your landscaping in Piedmont, California, the next step is to contact Homescape Now.

Give us a call or reach out to us online today to get started!

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